This work is not suitable for readers under 18. This is a disclaimer: If you or someone you know is in a relationship like any of these, please get help, these are not healthy relationship and should not be used as a model. This is a story of a young woman developing Stockholm's Syndrome. Please read with discretion.

Trigger warning: This chapter contains nonconsensual sexual themes, and may be disturbing to some readers.

This chapter contains graphic depictions of violence and may be disturbing to some readers, reader discretion is advised.

Chapter Eight

"I know, I promise." He said softly before sliding down her body, kissing her stomach and ribs softly. She whimpered as he moved up her body, kissing and nipping, pressing her shirt up as he went. Then he sat her up and pulled her top over her head. She looked at him, covering her chest quickly as he took her face in his hand and kissed her mouth, before removing his shirt and turning her, pulling her back against him. "I just want to feel your skin on mine." He whispered to her in a desperate voice. She nodded as he moved to lay down, she laid down with him, and he pulled her in close. She lay still, as she felt his hand moving over her shoulder, and pulling her hair away. He kissed her neck softly, before gently biting into her.

"Damien." She moaned loudly as he began to suck her neck. His arm wrapped around her, pressing her bare narrow back to his broad naked chest. She took hold of his arm, holding on to him gently. He released her neck after a moment, panting, as she whimpered softly.

"I love when you moan my name like that." He whispered in her ear. A shock ran through her.

"I'm sure you tell all the women you sleep with that." She countered, trying to cover her response to his statement.

"Only the ones I like." He told her, pressing a kiss to her neck, licking the last bit of blood from her skin.

"Does that mean… you like me?" She asked, suddenly shy.

"I like feeding from you. I like spending time with you sometimes. I like your face." He told her.

She took a little breath in. "Good thing I'll never believe it's more than that."

"Probably for the best." He said. She lay still in his arms after that, she knew it was a game, she kept telling herself it was. If she forgot, she would die, but she couldn't fight the way they made her feel. She knew she was going to lose the game, and she'd pay with her life. She wondered if she could love them, without being loved in return, or if she could subsist on just them being fond of her, she could hope for favorite status, and that was all.

Could I be a favorite toy? She asked herself. She didn't know. She was a person, she didn't think she could survive being treated as an object. All she knew was that if Damien favored her, she might get some relief with Reese and Bellamy. Her mind came to a screeching halt. She hadn't laid awake thinking of him in over a month.

He was back. She wondered if things would be the same. Damien was being possessive of her around Bellamy, she didn't really understand what that meant. She had no real insight into the dynamics of Bellamy and Damien's relationship. She only knew what she had been a party to, and what each had told her.

"What are you thinking?" Damien startled her.

"Umm." She hesitated. "I was thinking about you and Bellamy. You were rather possessive today. You've never behaved that way around me before." She admitted.

"Yeah." He told her softly. "If it bothers you I won't anymore. I don't have to be that way, for my brothers to remember their places." Damien told her. "I think Bellamy may have forgotten." Damien said. "You are here, because I sent for you. Above all, you are mine. Whatever that means. I have no real need to possess you. Just having you beside me is enough. But my brothers needed the reminder."

Rose rolled over to face him. "I don't know how I feel about it. What does that mean?" She asked him, her big blue eyes looking up into his violet ones.

"I'm not jealous, I understand the game you're caught in. I want you to be mine above the rest. When I want you, I want you. I'm careless and indifferent most of the time, but I find myself drawn to your company when it suits me." he replied. "So at meals, you will sit beside me. For now that is all I expect." He said.

"Alright." She said lowering her eyes and pressing into him. She was suddenly struck by the overwhelming weight of her situation. A man who had beaten her black and blue less than four month before was telling her he wanted her always at his side, and she wasn't afraid of him or questioning his motives. She didn't know how such a thing had happened. She lay there in his arms, for a long time, before she was able to sleep.

"No! Stop!" She screamed, thrashing away, kicking and clawing.

Damien sat up holding Rose as she fought against him. Finally he let her go and she fell to the floor on the other side of his bed. He leaned over looking down at her. She looked up at him panting, terror in her eyes, before she realized she was with Damien. "Why am I here?" She panted, swallowing, trying to gain her bearings and get her brain out of her panicked frenzy.

"You came with me, last night, after the charity event." He told her, a look of worry clouding his features. It slowly came back to her as her head cleared. Then she remembered the rest of the night and quickly covered her chest with her hands, looking for his tshirt, as she colored.

Damien dropped it to her and sat up so that she was out of sight. She tugged it on and stood up, shivering as the cold reached her suddenly. "Come back to bed." He told her, holding back the blankets. She slipped back in beside him. "What were you dreaming?" He asked, as she moved in closer to him.

"I don't really remember. I usually only have one dream, but this was different. Hands touching me, pulling at me, tearing my clothes, holding me down. Nothing solid, all just vague impressions." She told him as she fought back tears.

Damien wrapped his arms and legs around her, holding her against him. She took hold of his ams, clinging to him. "You're safe with me." He whispered to her, just holding her. "I won't let anyone touch you." He said against her ear. "I'm sorry I let you get hurt. I'm sorry I hurt you." He told her very softly. She took a deep breath, then very slowly let it out. She couldn't hold her tears back anymore, she began to cry softly. Damien held her, feeling suddenly guilty. He knew he had hurt her out of anger, that he had done an unforgivable thing when he beat her, but she hadn't held it against him. She didn't fight him, or shy away from him, she spent time with him when he liked, and she only showed anger toward him that once, in the kitchen after he'd lashed her so brutally. He had deserved much worse. She reminded him of his first favorite, Lykee.

She had been so beautiful, with her skin like mahogany, and her eyes like the sea, she had been able to see into his soul, with a glance. She had known him so well as to seem to read his mind. She had accepted his carelessness as part of his personality, and navigated his anger and absent mindedness with the same ease. She had grown to love his bites as much as she loved him and he had loved her fiercely. She had been his first and only love, and it had nearly broken him when his father killed her. It was why after two hundred years, he still refused his father's company and his legacy. He could feel Rose breathing steadily in his arms. She smelled like honey and gardenias. He fought the urge to bite her. He had to think of something else. She shifted in his arms slightly, her neck and shoulder exposed to him suddenly. As gently as he could he slid away from her. He couldn't stay beside her, or he was going to dig his fangs into her. He had never given any of his playthings any thought before. He hadn't cared if they were sleeping or awake, if he wanted them, he took them. He had seen their blood as his the moment they walked through the gate. He never worried about their comfort like he did with Rose.

He considered that as he picked up his pillow, tucked the blankets around her and went into the living room, stretching out on the sofa. He turned the thought over and over in his head. She reminded him of Lykee, but that wasn't the thing that made him behave the way he did. There had been others that he had caught resemblances in, but they had never sparked him the way she did. He drifted to sleep considering the problem.

Rose woke alone in a strange bed. There was a noise that had disturbed her. She slipped from the bed and went to find the source of the sound. She followed it to a pile of very nice suit. Digging into the front pocket of the jacket she removed Damien's phone.

She carried it out into the living room, looking for its owner. She found him asleep on the sofa. She bit her lip, then hesitantly approached him. He looked up at her as she got closer, then took her wrist, slipping his phone from her hand, he silenced the alarm.

"I forgot where I was." She told him, wrapping her arms around herself.

"I had to leave. I was afraid I'd bite you." He told her.

"Isn't that why I'm here?" She asked, her voice a mix of emotions.

"Honey, we're late." He said softly, changing the subject. "Also, you were sleeping. You'd just had a nightmare, I didn't want to do that to you." He told her.

"Oh." She said when Damien sat up. She wasn't used to being thought of. She sat beside him and pulled her shirt aside, offering her shoulder to him. "I'm awake now." She told him.

He smiled at her, kissed her shoulder, then stood, bringing her with him. "There's no time. We should have been up much sooner. Everyone will already be at breakfast."

Rose looked down at what she was wearing. She didn't have any other clothes. Damien went to his room and retrieved one of his hoodies, before bringing it to the living room.

"Put this on, I'll carry you inside. Unless you want your toes to freeze." He laughed. She obediently pulled his sweatshirt on. "I guess we're having breakfast in our pajamas today." He said, picking her up and carrying her from the cottage to the main house, setting her down in the kitchen. They walked into the dining room, both laughing.

Everyone was there, seated, and eating. Rose took her place at the foot of the table as Damien went to the head.

"Tonight, Kade, you and Reese will shift down one seat, Milo you will take Honey's place, and Honey will sit beside me, from now on." There was quiet at the table for several seconds before Bellamy stood suddenly and left the room. While Reese stood knocking his chair over.

"You're shifting me to the end of the table? Her above me?" Reese screamed. "She's nothing more than a blood bag. How can you put her beside you?" He bellowed, picking up a heavy glass goblet and throwing it directly at Honey.

Milo reached out and batted it away as it shattered against the wall. Damien stood, glaring at Reese. "You may go to your quarters until you get yourself under control." His voice was deadly calm.

"She's just food!" Reese screamed before storming out.

Rose sat with her eyes on her plate, trying to get her breathing under control. Reese's attack had frightened her badly. She looked up at Milo, when he put his small hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay, Honey?" He asked. Rose was shaking so hard, but pulled Milo into a tight hug. He laughed joyously. "Aw Honey." He said hugging her back. Then she noticed everyone staring at her and let Milo go. He smiled a big smile at her and took his place beside her.

"Milo, are you alright?" Damien asked. Milo beamed at Damien.

"Just a bruise." He said, lifting his hand, the ugly purple mark on his wrist and palm already slowly fading and shrinking before her eyes. After that things calmed and everyone left began eating.

"You played beautifully last night Milo." Rose said softly as they ate.

"You looked really pretty. I saw you and Damien dancing. You looked just like a princess. Did one of those camera jerks hurt you? Damien punched him real good." Kade looked up in alarm.

"You punched a paparazzo!?" He cried.

"Don't be indignant. You would have too. He grabbed Honey, and destroyed a three thousand dollar dress." Damien replied.

Rose looked up at Damien, her face going white. "Did you just say, three? Thousand dollars?" She felt faint.

"Well it was a Vera Wang." Damien said nonchalantly.

"You should have called me immediately. I have to do damage control. Father is going to lose his mind." Kade said, quickly rising, and leaving the table.

"So you were attacked by the paparazzi?" Roman asked.

"How exciting." Ramsey said. "I bet they are circulating all sorts of rumors about you now."

"Rumors?" Rose asked. She hadn't given it much thought, but she suddenly realized that she was probably in the gossip rags now.

Ramsey laughed. "Minor Trouble, Major Pain!" He read from his phone. "Mystery Girl, Elios New Sister? Damien's At it Again. Man they don't cut you any slack." Ramsey said before showing Rose the photos from the night before on the TMZ website. She was shocked by some of them.

There were at least a dozen pictures. One of them was of her standing alone with Damien, her palm pressed to his mouth. Another it appeared that Damien was kissing her, though he hadn't done anything so scandalous at the event. Out of context all of the photographs made them look like they were a couple. She was shocked by the way the media was covering the situation. She read the attached article that made their relationship out to be something far more inappropriate than it was, she was a child bride and he was a monster. There was a photo accompanying the article, of Damien's face, filled with rage just before he punched the reporter that had grabbed her.

She looked up at Damien, who was casually eating. He seemed completely unbothered by the aftermath of their excursion. He looked up at her, as if noticing her for the first time.

"No one takes any of it seriously. People will have forgotten it in two weeks. Don't look so worried. Roman, Ramsey, stop showing Honey those articles." Ramsey sighed and took his phone back.

"You did look really hot in that dress." Ramsey said.

"Too bad it was ruined." Roman replied.

"I hope Kade can smooth everything out." Rose whined.

"Don't worry Honey, Kade will probably make those guys pay for your dress and send you a written apology." Milo told her sweetly. "I know I want to kill them, I'm not surprised Damien punched that man." Milo's tone shifted for a moment, but when he looked up at her he was smiling.

"Milo, you have syrup on your face." Rose said as she picked up her napkin and gently wiped his mouth. He took her wrist in his hand gently, looking into her eyes, before letting go.

After breakfast Damien and Milo left the dining room. "We were going to watch a double feature." Roman told her.

"You should join us." Ramsey said as they both stood. Rose smiled at them, she needed time to process the article she'd read, and figure out her feelings about it.

"What are you going to watch?" She asked.

"Night of the Living Dead." Ramsey told her.

"Then Dawn of the Dead." Roman followed.

"Oh. I don't think I can handle horror right now." She confessed as she stood. "I was actually thinking of taking a ride, I wouldn't mind your company."

"Oh, we don't horses." Ramsey admitted, looking down.

"They kick and bite." Roman quantified.

"Bellamy's horses are sweet." She countered, she had grown to love them.

"To you." They said in unison.

"Enjoy your ride." Ramsey told her.

"We'll have a bite later." Roman said, and they both slipped from the room together.

Rose took a deep breath, then turned for the kitchen, gasping when she saw Reese standing at the door. He gave her an evil smile then stalked toward her, slapping her hard across the cheek, sending her to the floor. She cried out holding her cheek, as he stood over her.

"I suggest you run. If I catch you, I'll do more than bite you." He said as he pulled her to her feet and shoved her forward. "Run!" He said dangerously.

Rose looked frantically around, before darting past him into the kitchen, and running for the door. She had forgotten she was barefoot until her feet met the cold ground. She ignored it and ran through the garden, toward the stable. She was almost to the paddock, then she was knocked face first into a snow drift, then rolled to her back. Reese was on top of her, slapping her hard again, she could feel a bruise forming on her cheek. She cried out as he viciously ripped at her hoodie tearing it off of her before hitting her again. Her ears were ringing and her vision flared white.

"You denied me in the kitchen, you denied me last night, now I'm taking what I want. Fight me, your life depends on it." Reese told her.

"You're a poor loser Reese." She spat at him defiantly. She turned her head and bit him. He hit her again, sending her vision flaring white and her head spinning.

She began struggling more fiercely under him, thrashing like a wild animal, digging her nails into his face, and twisting her body trying to get free of him. He punched her in the stomach, knocking her breathless, and sending the fight out of her. She lay under him crying, the snow beneath her melting and soaking into her clothes. Reese pressed his hands around her throat, pressing hard. Her hands went to his, as her eyes met his green gaze. He was terrifying, there was so much rage, they almost seemed black. She clawed weakly at his hands as she struggled to breath.

Finally he let her throat go, as she gasped for breath, struggling under a bruised windpipe. Reese rolled her over, ripping the back of her shirt open, forced her face into the snow and began biting her all over her back. He didn't feed, just bit her, over and over and over. She was already cold, but the pain mixed with the cold made her disoriented.

Finally Reese dug his teeth into her hip and began sucking hard as he pulled her pajama bottoms off of her, stripping them down her legs so that only her panties remained, as he bit the backs of her legs, sucking her blood into his mouth. She could see blood in the snow around her. She was so dizzy she couldn't move, she was going to die like this.

She could feel her life seeping away as her shivers went from violent to mild tremors. She tried to cry out, but no sound would leave her. She tried to move, but she couldn't make her body respond. Finally Reese pulled his teeth out of her, and rolled her to her back. She was gasping, her eyes were dilated to the size of saucers. Reese smiled down at her, then pressing his lips close together he sprayed her with blood, smearing it into her hair and across her face, before standing and walking away, leaving her mostly naked, blood covered, soaking wet, in the snow, in the dark.

Rose lay gasping, she knew if she didn't move she would die, but her body wouldn't respond. She was so numb, her shivering had stopped completely. She thought if she just rested for a few minutes she might be able to get up. She lost consciousness soon after.

Bellamy had been angry when he left the dining room that evening. He was angry with Damien and Rose, but more so he was angry at himself. Everything that was happening was his own fault. Damien had laid claim to Rose and he had let it happen, because he couldn't control himself.

He'd taken Apache for a long ride, his mind turning over the things Rose had told him. He did see her as a vessel, but he was also beginning to see her as a person, something more than an object. He didn't know when the shift had happened or why, he only knew that to possess her, he would have to accept that she was more than just a thing.

Bellamy was leading Apache back to the stable, when he caught the faint scent of Rose's blood. It sent a shock through him, and he was off his horse and running before he realized it. He followed the scent, stopping abruptly when he saw her, mostly naked, laying in the snow. She was covered in bites, blood, and bruises. Bellamy couldn't tell if she was breathing.

He scooped her up and carried her into the house, screaming for his brothers as he went.

"Kade! Damien!" He bellowed as he laid her on the kitchen counter. He leaned his head close to her mouth, taking a tiny sigh, as he heard her taking shallow breaths. He moved to put a kettle on to boil, as Milo came into the kitchen.

His eyes went wide when he saw Rose. "Bellamy?" He began to cry. "Bellamy? Is she dead?" He sobbed.

Bellamy turned angry eyes on Milo, then calmed as he saw his brother's state. "No, not yet, go find Kade, tell him to call the doctor. Then go find Damien." Milo whimpered, then turned and ran to obey, crying Kade's name as he tore through the house.

Bellamy went to the sink and wet a towel, bringing it back, he gently wiped the blood from Rose's face. Her lips were blue and so were her fingers and toes. He had no idea what to do for her. Her cheek was badly bruised and her lip was split. She had bruises around her throat and she was so cold to the touch.

He looked up when Kade pushed through the door, followed by Damien and Milo. "Who did this?" Damien roared. He had felt anger before, but this was a different kind of rage.

"We don't know." Milo told Damien quietly, afraid of drawing his attention.

"I found her outside near the stable." Bellamy explained as the kettle began to whistle. He took it from the stove and set it aside, at a loss as to what to do.

"Where are her clothes?" Kade asked, as he moved toward her, and lifted her into his arms.

"They were shredded in the snow." Bellamy told him.

"Bellamy, get her something warm to wear and meet me in our bathroom, she's hypothermic, if we don't raise her body temperature she's going to die. Damien, wait for the doctor. Milo go find the twins and Reese and bring them to the Study." Damien nodded, then headed for the foyer to pace. Milo darted off, and Bellamy took the stairs two at a time, followed by Kade.

In the bathroom Kade set Rose on the changing bench and turned on the shower. He gently picked Rose up and carried her inside, sitting her against the wall, aiming the tepid water at her chest and arms trying to warm her so as not to shock her heart. He then stepped out of the shower and turned to the tub, stuffing the stopper into the drain and turning on the hot water. He paced as it filled, until his attention was drawn by a soft whimper.

He opened the shower, Rose was still leaned against the wall, but she was shivering. He stepped in and gently picked her up, before taking her to the tub and lowering her in. The shock to her system was so great that she was jolted from her unconsciousness. She looked up at Kade, it suddenly felt like her whole body was on fire. Every part of her hurt, and she shook with the pain as she cried out hoarsely.

Bellamy came in just as she lost consciousness again. He came to the side of the tub, it was filled with bloody water. He looked at Kade, worry written in every feature. Kade met his look with the same expression. After half an hour the water was cooling, and Rose seemed to be warming.

Kade very gently, with Bellamy's help, leaned her forward and washed the bites on her back and shoulders. He had been startled at how many times she'd been bitten, her back and shoulders were a mess of punctures. He then lay her back and cleaned the blood from her chest and tops of her shoulders. Bellamy stood her up, supporting her, as Kade washed her legs, then rinsed them.

Once they finished, Kade looked at Bellamy. She still wore her panties, which were soaked. They both blushed, as Kade averted his eyes, before slowly stripping them down her legs. He and Bellamy then worked together to dress her, before Bellamy carried her to her bedroom and placed her on the bed, covering her with blankets. She stirred slightly as he laid her down.

"Please." She gasped, but said nothing else as she lost consciousness. Kade nodded at Bellamy and went to the foyer to find out where the doctor was. Bellamy collapsed onto the bed beside Rose, his knees giving out as the emotions he'd been holding at bay overtook him. He rested his head in his hands. He then stood and paced angrily. He wanted to murder someone, one of his brothers. They had done this to her.

He looked up when the door opened and Milo came shyly into the room, before climbing onto the bed, cuddling up beside Rose. He pressed close to her, protectively. Bellamy didn't try to stop him. He understood how Milo was feeling.

"Why did Reese hurt her so much?" Milo asked softly, his voice twisted with worry. "He had blood all over him when I found him." Milo told Bellamy, his eyes wide and innocent. Bellamy growled and left Milo with Rose. He charged down the stairs and through the ballroom, nearly ripping the door from its hinges as he tore into the Study.

Reese was sitting lazily in a chair, laughing with the twins when Bellamy grabbed him up by the throat and slammed him down on the floor, before punching him repeatedly. The twins both yelled at Bellamy, then Ramsey ran for the others while Roman tried to pull Bellamy off of Reese. Bellamy batted him away, going back to punching Reese.

"Bellamy." Damien's voice boomed a moment later. Bellamy pulled back breathing hard.

"Don't you ever fucking touch her again." Bellamy spit, before climbing off of Reese and storming from the room his blood pounding in his ears, and pouring from his knuckles.

"Roman, help Ramsey get Reese to his quarters. Make sure he stays there, if I see him again before my anger cools, I'll finish what Bellamy began." Roman and Ramsey picked up their younger brother, and carried him to his quarters through the passage in the wall.

As the wall slid shut Kade came in with the doctor. Damien turned and shook the man's hand. "Thank you for getting here so quickly. Come, I'll show you to her."

The doctor followed behind. "What happened?" He asked calmly as they climbed the stairs.

"Officially?" Damien asked.

"It's the only story I ever want to know." The man said.

"Well Dr. Grimes, we think she was mauled by an animal, she was found in the snow outside the stable, most likely a wild cat of some kind, or a dog." Kade told Dr. Grimes. He nodded.

"She was hypothermic. I believe we were able to raise her body temperature." Kade explained.

Damien knocked on the door of Rose's room, an occurrence that had never happened as long as Rose had been there. Milo opened the door and the doctor stepped inside. He went immediately to the bed and took Rose's wrist, then looked up at Kade.

"You, hot water bottle." He told Kade.. "You warm blankets," he told Damien. Then noticing Milo standing aside looking nervous and at odd ends, he said, "and chocolate. Enough for everyone." Milo gulped with excitement, then nodded and ran for the kitchen. Doctor Grimes monitored her heart rate, then looked over her injuries, checking her throat and eyes, then her ears, before going back to monitoring her heart rate while he took her temperature.

When the older two returned with his prescribed supplies, the doctor tucked the water bottle, wrapped in a blanket, at her feet, then with Damien's help they rolled the blankets down, then covered her with the warm blankets, then rolled the duvet back up.

"I made coco!" Milo cried as he came in. Kade shushed him, Milo blushed then set the tray on the coffee table next to the sofa. Dr. Grimes moved from Rose's beside to the sofa. Damien and Kade followed taking a seat on the sofa. While Milo climbed on the bed, cuddling up next to Rose, carefully. The doctor picked up a cup, took a sip then spoke quietly.

"She's not well. Assuming the bites are from your kind, as they look to be, they should heal quickly. Her throat is very bruised and she's lucky her windpipe wasn't crushed. She will need to be on bed rest for quite some time. She still might not make it. She's in bad shape." The doctor said honestly.

"Is there anything that can be done?" Kade asked.

"Not really, keep her warm, keep an eye on her. If she begins to have trouble breathing, or if her condition changes for the worse, call me." He told them. Damien nodded.

"Come Doctor, I'll show you out." Kade said, rising gracefully. Damien sat there staring at his coco. When the door closed Damien stood and paced back and forth, he needed something to do with his nervous energy. He wanted to string Reese up and torture him for the rest of his miserable life. He wanted to break every bone in his body, starting with his face. Then let him heal and do it all over again. He was so filled with rage he was having trouble keeping it in check.

After seeing the Doctor off, Kade returned to Rose's room, when he did Damien left the room, throwing over his shoulder, "Call me if she changes." Kade sighed heavily and took up a place on the sofa, tilting his head back. This was not how he saw his evening going.