Fake Friends

Next Morning Ashley woke up due to alarm clock she is not in a mood to go to school, but how long she can avoid, that bastard will think that Vincent runs off. She is not in pain any longer after taking medicine.

She leaves for Sky Reach academy today at gate nobody was waiting for her "maybe Ian threatened her friends, " she hates the looks students giving her and ignore the whispering s she just want to wipe the smiles on their faces finally she turned over her class.

Julia Vicky and Rick were chatting and laughing, she looked at them "Hey guys" but to her surprise they all brushed aside her " Let's go guys we will come back when the class will start" said Julia

"Hey, what's the matter did something happened, " she inquired innocently

Rick scoffs "Ian was right, you are foolish" then they exit the room,Ashley couldn't believe she slowly takes her steps toward the chair, but was interrupted by a voice " It's safer if you don't sit on the front row Ash sit where I told you in your first day"

She angrily looked at Becky, " You must be really happy to see that I got beaten by that asshole"

Becky remained busy in his cell phone "I don't care about those sort of things, but as a class fellow I tried to warn you for the sake of your health"

Ashley angrily moved towards her snatch a phone from her hands "You will look at me when talked to me now I understand why you are always alone because you never care for other feelings"

Becky also get up from the chair she grabbed Ash wrist and take her Cell back. "I don't care about feeling then what do you think of your so called allies who didn't help you"

"They were scared" Ashley defended "I know that bastard is threatening them"

"One more advice, don't call him bastard in front of anyone his name is Ian. You must have discovered that some students were wearing black bands in their wrist "

"Yes, I have is that a latest fashion in here"

Becky sighs "No, those students were part Ian gangs of hawk and Ian closet friends wear silver bands we call them SILVER"Gang of hawks? Ash this is the name of Ian gang

"Wow, I will make my gang wear the white bands and my special friends will wear gold bands and what should I name let see..."

Becky jaw dropped "Are you catching my point I am just telling you this so that you become more aware of your surroundings and control your tongue. Ash do you remember you have beaten one boy who is wearing that band"

Their conversation stopped when the bell rang and other students enter in the class. Ashley unwillingly sat on the chair where Becky told her to sit. She didn't focus much on the lectures today she only has three consecutive periods and after that she could go to the dormitory, but before that she will try to win her friends back from that the cafeteria Ashley tries to speak with her friends

"come on guys talk to me don't be afraid"

"Afraid of what? You, " said Jack, Julia Vicky and Trish giggled.

Julia then control her laughter and clear her throat "We are not afraid, but we cannot allow any sissy to join our group"

Ashley was appalled to hear that statement after spending such a serious time with them, they are just dumping her "yesterday I came for you people in the gymnasium are you forgetting we were friends" she spoke slowly

Friends Julia spat "we only tolerated you to hang out with us because of your surname we thought that it will increase our popularity, but yesterday you proved that it was a bad move"

"And there is no spot for trash in our gang" spoke Rick

Ashley gave them the cold stare, a heavy hand was placed on her left shoulder the same husky voice sent shivers through her body."what is going on over there?" Ashley stares at the intruder she hates the smug look on his face he is the last person she wants to meet right now.

"Nothing Ian, Julia gets up, he is threatening us to become his friends" her eyes flickered up to him then down once more

Ashley lifted her brow at her lying. She is internally laughing at her foolishness of trusting in these selfish friends. Becky was right about them, but from now on she will choose her friends carefully.

"Is that true femboy?" Asked Ian threateningly. Ashley could guess his fake tone he is not angry only mocking her. She thrust his hand back and turns to leave

Ronald snickered "Look like somebody has a broken heart"

"Well, he is too innocent for that witch" commented Christy, who was busy with her phone

Ian spoke aloud so that Ashley, who was about to exit the cafeteria listens "Your name is Julia right"

"Yes, Ian" said Julia excitedly she couldn't believe in her fate

"Well, I apologize on the behalf of my boys yesterday rude conduct" Ronald coughs, Christy has also become alert and leave her phone.

"Will you hang out with me this evening Julia, I think we should go to some restaurant what about Neon "

Ashley also stops for the moment and looked at their direction. Ian smirked at Ashley he wants to be challenged for Julia and it will be more fun when he will steal the women from the Vincent.

Ashley looked at Julia the way she is showing happiness proves that this is what she wanted both of them deserve each other she laughed " well Ian it will be a fun to see the love story of bitch and a bastard in sky reach" Ashley could hear the suppressed laughter of students in the cafeteria because they cannot laugh openly due to the terror of Ian and his group.

"That little sissy" cursed Julia Ian clenched his fists and his expressions darkened. Seeing this she runs thank God he was standing far, but where could she hide? she still didn't explore the whole school

"Come here this way, " she stops and look Becky was calling her she don't have much time then she followed Becky. They run down from the stairs and enters an empty janitor's room. On the corner there was a single door,

"That is one of the back doors of the school only few pupils are aware of this" Ashley, who was taking a breather due to running sighs "Thanks Becky but what about my bag"

"Don't worry, I have already hidden it, tomorrow you can hoard it from me

"Becky i..."Just go already and for the next few days use that door to leave the school"

Christy grabbed the Ian arm "we need to talk, please listen" Ian nodded Christy stared at Julia who was smirking. Ian followed Christy when they fare out of cafeteria

Christy takes a deep breath to compose herself "What is the meaning of this Ian when will you become interested in that slut"

"When that Ash becomes interested in her" He spoke flatly

"So just to tease him you will date Julia I don't believe it Ian"

"Listen Christy I have warned you so many times stay out of my life, it's a man thing which you will not understand. Will you excuse me now, I have a class to attend?"

After he leaves Christy stomped her feet angrily and go backwards to the cafeteria

Afterwards the class Ian friends came towards him "I don't get it Ian how you can allow that sissy to disrespect you like this" said Rex,

Ronald nodded "Ian I agree, you may have beat him in front of the whole school, but he is still not honoring us. You should have beat the shit out of him"

Ian smiled " Guys, you will ascertain within a month I will make him bowed down to my commands and I will achieve this without beating him"

"You are going easy on him Ian"

"Ronald you know that I am least interested in fighting against weakling anyways today I will be late at the club

"Harvey rolled his eyes"We know you have talked about your evening plan in front of the whole school"

In the dorm Ashley was thinking about Becky "Maybe she is not that bad as she thinks" she is angry at her fake friends but now she is glad that someone actually helps her Why the hell Ian thinks that I care about their date? Both of them deserve each other."I hope that selfish bitch will ruin his life, that would be the perfect revenge" she thought amusingly. Hence he is the Salvatore his father biggest rival son. If she wants to turn the powerful heiress of Vincent then she needs to fight back, she will not give up easily.

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