A poem for someone who has become very important to me, and whose favorite season is autumn.

no one tells the wind which way through autumn's golden crown

no one tells the wind which way

and no one tells you where to go

you blew in on the moonlit breeze

to those you didn't know

speaking words of question

with narrowed eyes I recall

somehow making perfect sense

being you through it all


memories persist now

just as you persevere

drawing out a laugh or a grin

making your half-snarky remarks

walking a path through my darkness

as I walk my path through yours


whenever I ask my questions

there's always an answer from you

even if it's not the greatest

it's you and bright and true

I hope I can always count on

another word from you


maybe there won't be a tomorrow

cause there was barely a today

but we got through it together

with 'XD' and lots of 'yay'

the future is uncertain

however I do know

that to keep on going

is now the only thing to do

so we'll keep on taking our walk of life

through autumn's golden crown

For the person this poem was written for:

I hope you know how much you mean to me.