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[OSWC2020 Day Thirty-One: Haunted]

For an old and outwardly-gloomy house, there were surprisingly few ghost stories about 17 Grey Avenue. People had died there, yes. That was inevitable when the Smith family had lived there for five generations. Yet as far as anyone knew none of the dead Smiths came back to haunt the living.

Only one place in the house was rumoured to be haunted: the bedroom overlooking the road. It was strange because that room had once been the children's nursery and no one had ever died in it. It was stranger because the ghost spotted at the window was an adult, not a child. Nor was she one of the family, for her picture never appeared in their photo albums.

People had seen her for over fifty years. Every report was essentially the same. A woman in old-fashioned clothes stood at the window and waved down at them. She didn't seem angry or upset. She didn't smile or take any notice of them if they waved back. If they blinked she was gone.

From time to time the neighbours across the road happened to glance over and see her there. She appeared at all times of the day. Some had even spotted her there in the middle of the night, still waving to someone below.