Somewhere under the evergreens,

Was the world of two souls,

Two hearts that beat in tandem.

Somewhere in the undertow,

Of a perilous world,

Two where swept away,

Tangled in each other.

Fingers are back and forth,

Ziggity zag,

Of one and the other,

Becoming each other.

The world hums symphonies,

Into the ears of the entwined,


"Get lost together,

because nobody wants you."

Holding each other,

As the world may fall,

Lips become waves pulling at the shore,

Of a broken soul.

It was the world,

Left to break the souls,

Left to cut the bonds.

Left to drag one away.

"You have made a sin,"

Speaks a cold voice,

"So bend knees,

And lift your head to the sky,

Because we punish the likes of your kind,

Till they wonder if anyone will save them."


Familiar faces cut binding ropes,

And free the hated from the grasp.

Lungs grasp for a shred of air,

And feet slow to a halt,

"Come on." says the other,

"We must break this sameness!

We must run to a free world.

Where we aren't hunted for our love."

"But I cant run any longer,"

The other insists,

"My legs and feet are worn raw."

Arms wrap around the tired one,

Laying down in the grass together,

Knowing both will be hunted down,

"It's either both safe or none."

Soft looks gaze upon each other,

As tearful smiles erupt.

Lips melt together,

And tears merge across cheeks,

Held in contact.

Electronic voices grow closer,

And the reality,

Of this cruel dystopia,

Becomes clearer.

The grass is painted red,

Each blade streaked in the fine horror

Of hunted love,

Because it wasn't standard,
To enjoy anyone who was the same as you.