Waking From My Fantasy

Your words I could never accept

For I was trapped in my thoughts

I dreamt and prayed for the day you'd see

And honor what I wanted to do for you

Placed perfectly yet distantly away for the best

I perceived this as nothing but evil

For I was destined to have what I wanted

No matter the way no matter the time

No matter the difference between our minds

Too busy to see too busy to understand

You weren't waiting for me

You were off on your own

Stringing me on your leash

I felt the grip it had on my neck

But mistaken it for a necklace

Killing me slowly you strung me along

While I was deep in fantasy

Trusting you had it all figured out

How dare I think otherwise

But now that I've awoken from my daze

I see you never wanted me

You never shared my fantasy

You never saw me

You never knew me

But I never knew you either

I only knew who I wanted you to be