The screaming alarm ringing outside of the door startled Cray from her sleep. She sat up straight in the bed, almost hitting Lazslo where he lay. For some reason she had almost forgotten about him being in bed with her. In the moment her fuzzy mind needed to wake itself she noted how odd it was to see a dead man sleep. There was no movement of his chest and he was cold as all Vamps usually were. Had she not been talking to him a few hours ago she would have sworn there lay a corpse under her covers.

Again the high pitched wail of the alarm came through the door bringing her attention back to why she had woken in the first place.

" What in the seven hells is going on?" She murmured pulling the covers off her legs where they had become entangled. Beside her Lazslo stirred but did not wake.

"Lucky bastard." Muttering to herself as she crawled off her bed Cray yawned and stretched. There was the pink hue of morning coming through her window. A few hours of sleep were better than none she guessed.

Anxiety growing Cray ran up to the door and flung it open.

Lazslo woke up slowly. A few moments prior a voice had slowly blossomed into his mind, pulling him from the comfortable darkness of his rest. He had moved a bit, not yet ready to fully let go of this nothingness. This bliss of not being.

It was not until the flashing red behind his eyes brought him fully awake did he groan. Opening his eyes he found the red light was not behind his eyes but before them. The door to the room stood all the way open, thrown against the wall in a hurry. The once semi lit hallway was now dark except for the consistently strobing red light. An alarm screamed somewhere in the distance.

Everything came rushing back to him from earlier that day and he practically flew from the bed. Panic rose in his throat, blocking his voice as he tried to call out for anyone. He did not know what was going on but a siren and lights never meant anything good.

Stumbling through the door and into the corridor he looked for anyone who could tell him what was going on. Meeting no one in the hall he ran to the stairs. It took two flights before he found them. Thirteen people stood by a green painted door, four more of them on the floor helping someone. Voices were whispered but shrill. Something had happened.

The smell hit him before the sight of it. Blood. Dark black it pooled on the floor, splatters dripping sloppily from the door frame. A deep convulsing shiver ran up his back, the blood drawing him near. He was so goddamn hungry. Just a bite wouldn't hurt.

A pair of white heels on the floor brought him to a stop. Getting closer, ignoring the siren call of the copper ambrosia around him he saw the injured party.

Mae Lee lay on the ground, one of her lovers, the blonde one holding her in her lap. Cray was knelt over her, bandages in hand trying to clean the profusely bleeding wound. Something had taken a very large chunk out of her forearm. Shredded skin and muscle disappeared each time a new waterfall of that black blood poured out.

"I got you Mae Lee. I got you." Cray was muttering over and over. Mae Lee said nothing, her eyes almost closed, her ashy dark skin paling further. " Go get her some blood, she is losing alot of it." Cray sternly told one of the onlookers.

Back to talking softly to her patient, Cray took the large box a woman in purple lingerie ran up the stairs with. Without looking she tore open the book and grabbed a large container of alcohol. She poured it onto a handful of gauze torn from another package, disregarding the fact that most of it poured into the floor when the fabric could hold no more. Biting her lip she told no one in particular " This is going to hurt."

With that she shoved the gauze into the wound, pushing it as far and as hard as she could. Mae Lee shot straight up, eyes blazing in pain. A choked cry pulled itself free from her lips. Eyes wide and chest heaving slightly she settled back and stared at Cray.

" Narcissa is still in there." One bloodied hand grasped Cray's.