The Haunted House

Myla jumped off a rusty, old, and moldy car as she walked down a dirty path. Filled with bugs and branches. Myla looked up and sighed. She hated school! The breeze flowed peacefully through the clouds and into Myla's hair. "Well, see you after...? Huh? Where did you go Avery?" Myla thought, confused! Myla looked all around and saw Avery was already gone! Avery was such an annoying sister to Myla! But as every sibling is, Myla and Avery still got along! "Well! Since Avery is gone, I might as well keep walking!" Myla said. Myla tightly held her backpack and walked into the school.

Myla looked everywhere, too see if she could find her friends, but all she could see was the bright glossy floor, still being wiped by the janitor. "Where is Alisa and Bixin?" Myla said softly. "Wait a minute- I see them! HEY ALISA! BIXIN! OVER HERE!" Myla yelled! Waving her hand side to side, as high as she could! "Oh! There you are, Alisa and I thought you got the flu or got sick! Because we thought, you weren't at school today!" Bixin said hugging Myla tightly!" "Nope, I wasn't at all! So, guys. What are we doing for Halloween?" Myla asked curiously. "Oh, you know that scary haunted house? Well, we are going there! At 7:00 pm today!" Alisa said squealing! "And, I heard that, you can get KING-SIZED CANDY BARS!" Bixin squealed! Myla, was, terrified, about hearing about a HAUNTED HOUSE! But she didn't want to say that. Instead, she just walked away horrified! "Oh God! I surely have to go now!" Myla thought! Biting her tiny nails vigorously! Myla looked down onto the big glossy school hallway.

After a long day at the school, Myla was exhausted! All she wanted to do was lay in the couch and sleep. Myla went straight to the couch in her living room... "MYLA! I heard you have a quiz tomorrow! You need to prepare for it! Now!" The mom yelled, strictly! Myla sighed. Myla slowly picked up her backpack and ran to her room. "Can't believe I have to study!" Myla thought. Myla sat in a green plastic chair, and picked up pastel purple binder, and took out a 7-page long study guide. "This is going to take AGES!" Myla thought, frowning.

Meanwhile Myla was so into studying, that she forgot, about the haunted house! "I'm so ready to go to the haunted house, now since I'm done... WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT TIME IS IT?" Myla yelled! Myla quickly opened her gigantic laptop to check what time it was. "it's... 8:00 PM! I was supposed be at the haunted house one hour ago!" Myla yelled! Myla sobbed, she wasn't going to be able to celebrate Halloween! Tiny water drops started falling onto her fat cheeks. "M-Maybe, I can still go?" Myla thought. Myla ran to her closet that was filled of shirts everywhere! She opened a drawer and picked out a Halloween costume. And went to her laptop to text her friends. "Hi, guys! Are we still going to the haunted house?" Myla messaged. She waited for a minute, there was no answer! "Thats weird! They never leave a message I send 'unread'! Maybe they are still at the Haunted house!" Then Myla got of the green plastic chair and ran downstairs as fast she could! But, immediately stopped herself the way down, as she heard some voices down, the creaky rusty stairs.

"What is Bixin and Alisa doing down there?" Myla thought confused. Myla leaned closer to the stair's railings. "Hi! May we speak with Myla please?" Alisa asked politely. "Yes! Of course! Why not, dear!" Myla's mom said, smiling! Alisa and Bixin, walked up the stairs. "Why didn't you come, Myla?" Alisa asked, walking up the stairs. "Because, you know that study guide, we had to do for tomorrow. I was working on it for most of the day!" Myla said, yawning. "What study guide? Oh, that one! The one that is for the test next week! You are already doing it?" Bixin asked confused. "Oh... How could my mom say it was tomorrow! WHEN IT WAS NEXT, WEEK! I can't believe it! But, never mind that! Are we still allowed to go to that haunted house!" Myla asked, enthusiastically! "Sadly, YES!" Alisa yelled! Cheering! "Oh my gosh! Yay! It's not too late! Let's go then!" Myla cheered!

Myla, Bixin and Alisa, all ran to the haunted house! They were all so eager, to go inside! Myla and Alisa and Bixin all ran inside! There were humans that were covered in blood. And there, haunted paintings and zombies! Meanwhile, Myla didn't get scared of anything! It was so weird to Myla, that she wasn't scared of anything! But, Alisa and Bixin were holding Myla to death! Myla was jubilant about finally having to go to a haunted house with friends, for the first time!