Chapter 1: The Storm at Sea

The Eclairs sat on the dock. The oldest, Raspberry Cheesecake, sat on the deck, watching the clouds uneasily. They were dark, stormy, and looked as if a storm was to come. The second-oldest, Lemon Tart, was talking with the second-youngest, Sprinkle Donut. They were not as uneasy about the cloud, but nerves were still there. The youngest, Fudge Croissant, was standing next to Raz, her eyes on the dock, not at all worried about the storm.

"We should go somewhere," suggested Sprinks. "Perhaps our raft for a change? We always use the big ship."

The rest of the pirates agreed that a stretch was in order, and obliged to get on their raft and started sailing into the sea.

Cautious for the approaching storm, Raz brought a dessert canopy made of bubblegum and stowed it in her sour-patch satchel.

"This place is nice," said Lem with a smile as they sat on the porch, the sky right above them.

"Where are we headed?" asked Fudgy, untying the last rope that connected them to the dock and giving the raft a small push.

"Just a quick ride before we come back," replied Sprinks, gazing over at the chocolate sea with Swedish Fish bobbing up at every second.

The four Eclairs chatted for a while before a drizzle passed. Raz looked up. "It's going to rain caramel badly soon," she predicted.

"It passed," said Sprinks brightly. "And it's gone! Maybe the sea splashed onto us or something."

"Could be," said Lem, ending the conversation.

"Just in case it'll come back…" said Raz, looking around their ship. They were stranded in the middle of the sea, and there was no cover in their ship today. They had taken a cinnamon-roll raft with a slight patio behind them covered with a roof. They had a variety of boats in the harbor, most memorably the USS Cupcake. They had miniature rafts which were used on tiny trips, and this counted as one of them.

"In case it rains badly, we should go into the patio and stay until the shower passes. Then we should head home," directed Fudgy.

"It shouldn't rain," said Sprinks desperately, looking at the sky. "The peppermint weather forecast said it shouldn't rain!"

"Now it's showing a storm," grumbled Lem, holding up her phone. "We have to think of something. We're too far from the harbor to turn back now!"

Raz shrugged. "We'll do as we said. We'll go into the patio to seek shelter. But it's not closed. The winds can easily blow rain in there… but at least we have shelter."

"Hopefully the storm won't be too bad," supplied Fudgy.

"Hopefully the storm won't come," corrected Lem.

There was a silence.

"Hey," said Sprinks, breaking the silence. "I think I felt a drop. It was big though. Do rains start out big?" She licked her drop. "Yeah. It's caramel rain."

"I felt one too," said Lem, pointing. "My body absorbed it, though."

The next moment, caramel started smattering drops across the porch. Without any hesitation or question, everyone screamed, "RUN!" and the four of them found themselves racing into the patio.

The rain started pouring, and the Eclairs were crowded under a minuscule roof.

"What are we supposed to do? It's pouring and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon!" cried Fudgy. "Should we wait here?"

"I think we should wait," said Raz in her authoritative voice as the boat started floating off.

"We need to tether our boat! We're drifting with the current!" screamed Sprinks, over the loud sound of the caramel beating the roof.

Lem grabbed the steer and yanked their raft to a stop. The raft stopped in mid-sea, tilting back and forth.

"Is there rescue here?" asked Raz responsibly, leaning her head.

"Doesn't look like it," grumbled Fudgy.

Then, the winds blew the rain into their very own shelter. Rain quickly beat the floors, and all four of them backed against the wall, but the rain kept pouring into the shelter. There were a few inches of dry space and the Eclairs crammed into it, though Fudgy and Lem were still being hit.

"Now what?" asked Sprinks. "If we get out, the rain will get on us, but we'll be stuck in this storm forever."

"We have to do something," said Lem. "According to the forecast, it's going to rain all night."

"All night?" cried Raz. "That's not going to work. We can't stay in this shelter all night."

Fudgy frowned. "Guys, I'm still getting wet! This shelter isn't helping."

"Same here," complained Lem. Fudgy ducked and sat behind a lollipop chair and Lem stood behind Sprinks.

"It's still hitting us…" said Sprinks, and suddenly Raz had an idea. She pulled out her gum canopy and thrust it in front of them, shielding them.

The rain didn't stop for a few minutes.

"We're staying all night," decided Raz. "Unless we have some boat rescue." They all looked hopefully at the ocean of chocolate with no luck.

"I'm hungry," said Sprinks. "I can't spend a whole night without food."

"Same," echoed Fudgy, still ducked from the ground.

Lem reached in her pocket and held out a crammed toffee. "This will keep us full for a few minutes," she said sarcastically, and split the toffee in four.

Sprinks gobbled it up and sighed. "Food. Do we have any more?"

All of the Eclairs rummaged through their pockets and threw out half a bag of popcorn, crumbs of banana bread, and a spoon of chocolate mousse.

"This isn't enough to last us all night. Especially not four people," said Fudgy sadly.

"We'll take some milk from the ocean," suggested Raz. "We'll use a pulley to grab it."

"Ocean water isn't safe to drink, is it?" asked Lem. "I thought there could be poisoning and Swedish Fish pee!"

"Good point," said Raz. "How about we use rain? Caramel? We'll mix it and churn it into a batter and eat that. Rain caramel isn't safe."

The other Eclairs agreed and just as a glimmer of hope brimmed in their hearts, the roof swept away, sweeping away their hope with it. Rain poured mercilessly on their heads.

They all started screaming. Now they had no shelter...until Lem screamed, "DOWN HERE! QUICK!" They saw she had flipped the chairs over and used Taffy Tape to stick it to the ground. Each one found themselves crammed under a tiny chair.

The rain kept pouring and Lem found herself hungrier. She took a few popcorn and started gobbling it up…

"Oh no!" exclaimed Lem, and Fudgy had trouble turning under her chair to see Lem without blowing it away as well. "I ate all the cheesy popcorn," she said. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine," said Sprinks. "It wasn't going to last us all night anyway."

"Scoot your chairs all close to mine!" ordered Raz, who had obviously come up with an idea. They managed to push their chairs next to Raz's with great difficulty, and she covered the four chairs with her canopy.

"We need to get home somehow," complained Lem.

Raz thought for a moment, before she stood up, knocking over the chair, and she took the canopy with her. She covered herself in the canopy and walked over to the wheel. She yanked it sideways and started rowing, before the rain blew the canopy away as well.

"The rain doesn't want us to get home," said Fudgy, scowling at the sky.

Just when it felt like it couldn't get any worse, Sprinks started screaming and the wind knocked her into the sea.

"SPRINKS!" Raz and Lem screamed. On impulse, Fudgy dove into the sea, hoping to save their friend.

Lem knocked aside the chair, ignoring the beating rain, and stood up, glancing at the chocolate milk.

"You think Fudgy can bring back Sprinks?" she asked Raz, who was holding her chair over her head to block the rain.

"I would hope so," said Raz. "We just lost two of our Eclairs."

Lem looked yearningly at the sea, wishing she too could jump in and see what was happening there.

"Lem come back here right now. We don't want you falling in too," directed Raz.

Lem sighed and dragged herself into the middle of the raft and covered herself with her chair.

"We're going to have to rely on those two to come back," said Raz. "We'll leave and come back with our big ship to rescue them, not a cinnamon raft, okay?"

Lem pulled up her phone and nodded. "Yeah, our ship is still intact at the Butterscotch Harbor," she said.

They started rowing away when they heard a voice that belonged to Fudgy scream, "WAIT!" Both Eclairs paused in suspense and anxiousness. "WAIT!" the voice screamed again.

Raz and Lem peered over the side of the raft to see Fudgy's head momentarily bob up.

"I got-" she started, but the current knocked her back into the sea. She held up Sprinks before they both fell back into the sea, bobbing back up.

"-Sprinks," she finished, throwing Sprinks onto the boat. Raz held out her hand and Fudgy clambered aboard too.

"Thanks," breathed Fudgy.

"Yuck," spat Sprinks. "I love chocolate, but sea salt chocolate milk? It's horrible."

They all laughed.

"Hey, the rain stopped!" exclaimed Lem suddenly. They looked up, and so it had. The rain had stopped and the sun was peeking through a cloud. Not making a waste of the opportunity, Lem took the wheel, Raz took the steer, Sprinks took the oar, and Fudgy took the observatory deck. They immediately set off back into the dock, and the moment they reached the dock, they all stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

There was a silence, before all four of them started laughing. None of the Eclairs knew what was so funny, or why they were laughing, but they were letting out tension and anxiousness from the half an hour boat ride.

Finally, Sprinks said aloud, quietly, but audible, "This was quite an adventure."

And that went without saying.

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