The Eclairs were hanging at their secret beach house in Custard Crumble, the secret section of Taffy Falls that no one, but them, knew about. Sprinks and Fudgy were outside playing in the Nerds sandbox, while Lem and Raz were cooking lunch.

"Aww come on, how come you always win Nerd castle building?" Sprinks complained.

Fudgy cackled. "You underestimate me and my castle building skills," Fudgy replied. They laughed, then plopped down on the couch.

"Hey guys," said Lem as she saw them come through the back door.

"What's for lunch?" Sprinks asked.

"We made Gummi Ravioli!" said Raz.

"YES!" exclaimed Fudgy.

"Hurry up and eat, you munchkins," Lem muttered before placing a bowl of Gummy Ravioli on the table. Sprinks and Fudgy ran upstairs (for whatever they wanted), while Raz and Lem prepared the plates and twizzler-ware. Later, after finishing their very yummy lunch, the Eclairs got ready to head into town for some shopping.

"I want to get some new stuffed animals to add to my collection of cuddly cats," Fudgy exclaimed.

"I desperately need a new leather jacket after ruining my last one when I was kidnapped by Queen Tara." Lem sighed.

"Guys don't worry we'll get everything you want, Sprinks, what'd you want? Sprinks? Where'd she go?" Raz asked us.

"Found her," said Lem, pointing at Sprinks who was looking at food through a window in a nearby shop. They laughed, the only thing Spinks could ever think about was food. Sprinks turned around.

"Hey, guys did you know that this bakery has 57 different types of cakes, 98 types of pastries, and 43 types of cupcakes!?" Sprinks squealed.

"No, but now we know!" Raz laughed out. The 4 of them followed Fudgy into the store, to grab her stuffed animals, and paid. Then they went to get Sprinks some snacks. Fudgy and Sprinks found a few park rides and went on them, while Raz and Lem shopped for clothes elsewhere.

"Heys guys, how were the park rides?" Raz asked them.

"Cool, my favorite was probably the Rice Krispie Rollercoaster!" Fudgy told them.

"Mine was the Lemon Drop Dropper," Sprinks added.

"Well I'm glad you two enjoyed your day, I found the perfect leather jacket and a pair of shoes too," said Lem, clutching her jacket, and shoes.

"I got a bunch of new accessories for my everyday trendy fashion," Raz said smiling, waving around her sunglasses. The Eclairs all had their stuff in hand ready to go home when a scream emerged from the people behind them. The Eclairs turned around, people were running around screaming "MONSTER! AHHH!"

"What is happening?!" asked Lem quietly.

"Airhead monsters! RUN!" Fudgy screamed. The Monsters looked like Air-Heads but were way bigger and much scarier looking. The Eclairs took off running. They headed for their beach house. Scampering onto their doorstep, Sprinks fumbled with the keys.

"AHH, which one is it?!" She scowled.

"HURRY! They're right behind us!" Said Fudgy.

"GOT IT!" said Sprinks as she opened the door, let everyone in, then shut the door behind her, keeping it closed with her back as the monsters pounded on the door. Lem immediately started throwing stuff across the living room

"Where is it?!" Lem shouted as she kept tearing apart the room.

"Where is what and what are you doing?!" Raz shouted.

"I made and wired a device in case anything were to happen that would immediately trigger an emergency protocol. And I can't find it!" Lem shouted back.

"Hurry guys I can't keep the door closed for much longer..." said Sprinks.

"Fudgy, help Sprinks keep the door shut, and Lem find that remote, I'll help," said Raz. As Sprinks and Fudgy tried to keep the monsters from coming in, Lem and Raz tore apart the living room searching for the remote.

"Is this it?" Raz asked, while holding up a small grey remote.

"YES!" said Lem. Suddenly the rooms' windows and doors locked themselves and were then covered by an iron frame keeping anyone from coming in. Sprinks and Fudgy got off the door and sat down on the couch.

"What just happened!? That monster came out of nowhere, and what even was it?" Fudgy asked us.

"I don't know, but what I do know is that we can't stay here forever. We'll run out of food and water soon. So we have to make a plan." said Raz pacing back and forth.

"When we run out of supplies we'll go out in pairs so we don't lose each other," said Raz. The others nodded.

"When will this be over? And when can we go back to normal?" Said Fudgy.

"I think we should kidnap one monster, study it and create a cure," said Lem confidently.

"But how and where would we even keep it?" Sprinks asked them.

"How about the basement?" Fudgy asked.

"Yeah, and we can buy some chains to hold it down," said Raz.

"Hey guys just one question, how do we kidnap a candy monster that's so freakishly strong?" Fudgy asked.

"SIMPLE, we lure it into our trap!" Said Sprinks.

"This could work out great for us, or kill us in the process, so be prepared for anything! Travel light, and grab as many supplies as you can," Raz explained. They nodded.

"Raz, Fudgy you two will have to get the essential supplies like food, water, and Icecream, while Sprinks can help me get the supplies needed to build a trap. Got it?' Said Lem.

"Can we bring weapons just in case a couple of monsters ambush us?" Fudgy asked.

"Already on it," Said Raz as she led us down to the basement. Opening up a secret panel that led into our weapons archive. We crawled inside and picked out weapons of our choice.

"Guys, pick something useful. We might need it more often than you think." Sprinks told us. Each one of them picked out a Ghirardelli Gun, with their own candy embellishments.

Lem's gun was made of white chocolate and has little yellow lemon drops on it.

Sprinks had a milk chocolate gun, with rainbow sprinkles all flaked over her gun. Fudgy and Raz had dark chocolate guns. Fudgy topped hers off with gummy worms and a chocolate drizzle. And Raz had little brownie bites with a caramel drizzle. They grabbed some Gobstopper Grenades and met up again in the living area.

"Are we all set to go?" Lem asked.

"Yes," Said Fudgy pulling on the straps to fasten her chocolate gun in place.

"Lem lift the lockdown, and most importantly stay together!" Raz warned them. Suddenly the metal gates on the doors lifted and they hurried outside.

"If you see a monster, shoot only if necessary, remember these monsters are people." Said Sprinks. Raz and Fudgy took off to look for essential supplies, and Sprinks and Lem searched for parts to build their trap.

Raz and Fudgy arrived at the sour-patch supermarket. The store was completely deserted.

"Okay let's just grab as much as we can hold." Said Fudgy.

"Agreed" Raz replied. The girls strolled down the aisles, looked for what they needed, put in their bags, and left the store. As they went outside, they heard a scream coming from the trees behind them. Raz and Fudgy turned around and pulled out their guns. Slowly walking towards the noise Fudgy said "I think we should be getting home now."

"Come on we heard a scream, someone might be hurt. We have to help them." Said Raz. The two of them went closer to the trees, then deeper into the woods.

"No one's here and-," Said Fudgy.

"SHHH, did you hear that? Over here." Said Raz interrupting her, and pointing to a small clearing a few meters away. They ran up to the clearing and what they saw horrified them. A girl trapped under a tree, a monster towering over her small trembling body.

"HEY!" Raz yelled out at the monster. The monster turned to them, roared, and charged straight for them.

"Take care of him, I'll help the girl," Raz said calmly. Fudgy nodded and sprang up into the air kicking the giant beast. It groaned out loudly. Raz approached the girl, she first cut off the heavy ends of the tree to make lifting it up easier.

"Help me, my leg's stuck!" She cried.

"What's your name?" Raz asked.

"Fory," The girl replied.

"I am going to help you, Fory, but I need you to do your best for me too. When I pull this tree off of you, you need to run to your home, get in any way you can and seal all your doors and windows shut," Said Raz while cutting off the last of the tree. The girl nodded.

"Hurry, I can't keep this up!' Fudgy yelled as she jumped off of the monster's arm. Raz lifted up the tree, and Fory took off, but before she could escape the blue raspberry monster scooped her off the ground and infected her. She fell to the floor.

"Fory!" Raz screamed. The monster stood there before vanishing into thin air.

"Oh my god, what did he do to her?" Fudgy asked.

"She's infected, any minute now she'll be turning into the same thing he was." Raz sighed.

"Wait do you still have those skittle sedatives I gave you?" Fudgy asked.

"Yeah, why?" Replied Raz while pulling them out of her bag. Fudgy took one out of her hands and injected Fory.

"Hey! Why'd you do that?!" Said Raz.

"We can use her to make the cure, this way we can save her life, and others too," Fudgy explained while handing the empty syringe back to Raz. As Raz carried Fory out of the forest, Fudgy pulled a little bit of her sleeve up, staring at the little blue raspberry bruise on her arm.

"This wouldn't infect me right?" She thought to herself.

As they approached their beach house in Custard Crumble, they saw Lem and Sprinks waiting for them.

"Where were you guys? Why are your gun buckles unfastened? Did you have to shoot someone?!" Sprinks yelled.

"Who the heck is she?! Is she a monster too?" asked Lem pointing to the girl in Raz's arms, trying to keep calm.

"Why are you carrying a random girl with you guys? Who is she?" Sprinks asked.

"We'll explain everything, just get inside, it's not safe out here." Said Fudgy. The girls all walked inside. Raz set Fory down on the couch, the others sat down too. After explaining themselves to Lem and Sprinks, Fudgy asked them "Did you get the chains at least?"

"Yes, that's the only thing we could find," Sprinks said.

"What kind of town doesn't have any trip pegs?! They don't have trip pegs, fine, well what about some high-grade wires at least? Unlike those tacky things I had to use on our jetpacks ugh" Lem complained.

"Lem, stop, you guys got the wires that's good enough." Said Raz.

"So now I guess we will move Fory to the basement then?' Sprinks asked.

"Yep," Fudgy replied. Fudgy and Raz then picked Fory up and took her down to the basement. Lem and Sprinks followed closely behind. Once Fory was secured with chains, ensuring that the eclairs wouldn't be eaten, Sprinks began to take a jelly sample from Fory's body and gave it to Lem. Lem held up the small syringe full of Fory's jelly blood and started the process to analyze the jelly, this could help the eclairs make a cure.

"It will take a while to finish this up, so Sprinks and I will stay down here. Raz and Fudgy you guys can take some rest upstairs." Said Lem while placing a droplet of jelly into a petri dish. Raz and Fudgy were tired, nodded at Sprinsk and Lem, and went upstairs.

"Sprinks, can you go on that computer over there and tell me what jelly type Fory is?" Lem asked while pointing to one of her other computers next to her.

"Sure, it seems that Fory is a hard blood type, after all, her body is turning into a hard candy," Sprinks said while logging Fory's jelly type on her computer.

"Ok thanks, this may take a while but I need you to study the infectious cells in her jelly, let me know what you find. Using what you've found I'll create the cure" Said Lem handing her a couple of papers and the petri dish.

Fudgy sat down on her bed in her room. She rolled up her sleeve, the blue bruise had spread even further on her right arm. She touched it softly, it hurt.

"Ugh, just go away bruise" she muttered to herself.

"Fudgy you in there? Can I come in?" Said Raz standing outside of Fudgy's room. Fudgy stood up quickly, rolled down her sleeve, got off her bed, and sat at her desk pretending to read a book. She didn't want them to know that she was turning into a monster too.

"Yeah sure, come in." Said Fudgy. Raz opened the door, shut it behind her, and plopped down on Fudgy's bed.

"How's that bruise looking?" Raz asked nonchalantly.

"What bruise? I have no idea what you're talking about." Said Fudgy trying to avoid the question.

"The blue bruise on your arm, the one you got when we brought in Fory earlier. I'm not stupid, I noticed you held your bags with your left hand, you winced every time you shifted them to your right." Said Raz. Fudgy turned around in her chair, facing Raz, she rolled up her sleeve.

"I'm sorry, I just thought if I told you guys, you'd think I was too dangerous to be around and you would abandon me," Fudgy replied, staring down at the floor. Raz got up and walked to the door.

"We'd never do that, ever. Now come on we should probably see what Sprinks and Lem are up to." Said Raz holding the door open for Fudgy. The girls walked down to the basement giggling and laughing down the stairs when a chair was thrown their way.

"AHH!" Fudgy yelled. Lem and Sprinks ran up to them.

"Hey so good news and bad news, first the good news, we made a cure! Wow yay woohoo." Nobody else cheered, and Sprinks turned red. "Bad news is it's down there with the scary monster that broke out of her chains."

"Fory broke out of her chains?! That was not supposed to happen!" said Raz immediately, standing up.

"We can handle this, we just have to sedate her, grab the cure, and spread it around town easy enough right?" said Lem loading her candy gun with nerds bullets. The others nodded, loaded up their guns, and came out of the corner they were hiding in.

"Fudgy and I will get the cure, you two distract her. Go!" said Sprinks to Raz and Lem. Raz and Lem shouted at the monster, "Hey over here!", and "Can't catch me!" They ran around luring the monster away long enough for Fudgy to grab a sedative. Fudgy passed it to Sprinks who then shot a nerd bullet with the cure inside it into the monster's leg. The monster squealed and groaned, and turned back into Fory. The girls then helped Fory up into Fudgy's room and told her to get some rest. Sitting on the couch Raz said "The cure worked. Now we just have a way to spread it around town."

"Already ahead of you, while Lem was working on the cure. I devised a plan on how to distribute it evenly amongst the people. And to execute my plan, we need to bring out this baby" Said Sprinks handing out the blueprints to the USS SkyBar jet that Lem had built.

"The USS SkyBar, but does it even work? I mean we haven't used it in a really long time!" said Raz.

"I know it works because I checked out the motors a few hours ago, and everything remained intact," Sprinks replied confidently.

"Well, Let's go then. I want the engines warmed up and the cure stocked and loaded on that plane" Raz ordered. The girls all scrambled away to get everything ready and within minutes they were flying throughout town spreading the cure, looking down at those people so confused, as to what really happened. But then, they saw Fory united with her family, all happy and smiling. That's when they knew, it was all worth it.

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