There was a knock on Dawn Daniel's apartment door. She answered it. A girl was there. She had curly black hair and Spanish features.

"May I help you?" Dawn asked.

"Hi, ma'am. I'm here in response to your ad about a maid."

"Oh, yes. Come in, dear."

"Thank you."

She came in.

"Sit right here." She led her to the living room couch.

"Thank you, ma'am."

They sat down together.

"What's your name, dear?"

"Rosa Sanchez. Here's my resume."

"Thank you, dear." She looked it over. "I see you used to work for Mr. and Mrs. John Fielding."

"Yes, ma'am. They're about to go to Europe, so they can no longer keep me."

"Yes, I know that. As a matter of fact, I remember seeing you working there."

"I think I remember seeing you too, ma'am."

"Well, what a small world!" She looked the girl over. "You're very pretty!"

She smiled. "Thank you, ma'am! You're also beautiful!"

"Thank you, darling! Now, my salary will be $15 a week, plus living quarters. And I'll give you an extra $10 for various expenses, perhaps more, if I'm holding a special event here. Now, you will get Thursdays off, plus most holidays. If you need an extra day off, just ask me. I'll try to oblige if I can. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Most acceptable, ma'am."

"Now, do you have your own uniform?"

"Yes. Two, in fact."

"That's fine. Oh, there is one special indulgence that I have: I enjoy foot massages. I will usually require one every day, usually before going to bed."

"That would be fine, ma'am. I used to give them to Mrs. Fieldstone."

"Oh, that's good."

"Why don't I give you one right now, ma'am?"

She smiled. "Well, that would be very nice! Hold on for a moment, I'll be right back."

She went to her bedroom. A minute later, she came back with a glass jar filled with a white lotion.

"Use this, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

Dawn took her shoes and stockings off. Then she stretched out and put her feet in Rosa's lap. Rosa opened the jar and scooped out some of the lotion. She rubbed it into her hands.

"Oh, this smells wonderful, ma'am!"

"It's made especially for me."

She began massaging Dawn's feet. Dawn sighed contentedly.

"You're good, Rosa!"

"Thank you, ma'am!"

"When can you start?"

"Right away, ma'am! Do I have the job?"

"Yes, you do, dear!"

"Oh, thank you!"

They talked over details. Rosa continued to massage Dawn's feet. After a few minutes, she got up. She hugged Dawn and left, returning an hour later with her luggage.