Glasgow Academy, an all-boy school that has a history of being one of the best.

But, what people don't know is that underneath the school is a veil that holds evil supernatural powers.

The only people that knew are the principal, the teachers and the magic keeper.

There have been supernatural happenings for thirty years, and the magic keeper has kept the evil under control, the gender has always been Male, since it's an all-boys school.

The veil has slowly started breaking throughout the years and how it might be more difficult to keep the students at Glasgow Academy safe.

Let's have, the new magic keeper can handle this, which is Steve.

It started in Steve's second year of high school, he's running with a whole toast in his mouth.

Rumors go through the school about some dead bodies turned up.

Steve has long blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a blue suit, a tie, and blue shorts.

Steve finally finishes his toast as he sees his friend: Darrel, a boy who has short black hair, wearing the same outfit as Steve and is eating a Danish, while leaning on his back beside a bakery.

Steve stops and says "Darrel, why are you late on purpose?"

"Because being early shortened my time to eat my breakfast", smiled Darrel.

"Then, eat a shorter breakfast", suggested Steve.

"No thanks, besides the teachers always overlook my tardiness because of my good grades", Darrel decided.

"Lucky", said Steve.

Darrel rubs Steve's head, and says "Don't worry, I'll help you finish all the work from last week. Also, where did you go?"

Steve looks at the sky remembering himself slicing a sea monster with a sword, while riding on a griffin.

The Griffin uses his wings to move the sea monster from the school and the body lands in the sea getting eaten by piranhas.

Darrel snaps Steve out of his daydream.

"Just a field trip", said Steve.

"That was a long pause for 'just a field trip', don't tell me you were skipping", Darrel pointed out.

"Pff! Like I would ever skip", said Steve.

"I guess you're right", Darrel agrees with Steve.

Steve sighs.

"I have my doubts", said Luke.

Luke has short brown raven-like hair, wearing a biker outfit, and black boots; and sunglasses.

"Luke! What are you doing here?" asked Darrel.

"Came to see you, Darrel; Still haven't gotten over your eating habit?" answered Luke, sitting on his motorcycle.

"Well, I appreciate the thought, but I would like it more if you would come to school", Darrel wished.

"Sorry, but I don't want to be weighed down by those rules, but I will still keep my promise to see you", Luke says to Darrel. "Want a ride?"

Darrel gets on Luke's motorcycle, looks at Steve, and asks "Steve, you want to come along?"

"Nah! I can walk", Steve insisted.

"Okay, see ya", said Darrel.

"Oh! Q, word on the street is that there's a new student that has all the boys gawking at our school", Luke tells Steve.

"Really? Who is he?" asked Darrel, curiously.

"I haven't seen him, but people say he's quite the looker", Luke admitted. "And you know the word never lies".

Darrel said Luke drives away.

"I can't believe those two are a thing", Steve giggled, then he continues running to the school, when he whistles.

After Steve whistles, he says "Jake, I need some wings".

In a flash, Steve gets taken away by a griffin, which takes him to school.

"Steve, I told you, I'm your guardian, not your transportation", Jake the Griffin informs Steve.

"I know, but you're also my best friend and best friends should help each other; you owe me for making miss a week of school because of the non-stop monster attacks", Steve reminded Jake.

"What about that principal of yours?" asked Jake.

"I can't ask him to do this, he got a lot of responsibilities because of me last year", Steve blushes from embarrassment.

"I just don't know what you see in that guy", said Jake.

"He's just… really handsome", replied Steve.

"Uh!" Jake rolled his eyes, then he notice the school. "We're here".

Steve pulls Jake's wings that make him stop.

"Hey!" Complained Jake.

"Sssh! You hear that", Steve acknowledged.

Jake listens, looks up in the air, and says "Airplane!"

"Let's go", said Steve.

Jake flies to the school, where everybody is inside in the hallway seeing the airplane and panicking.

Steve reached into his bookbag and gets a small bag of dust, but before he could do anything a lock of blonde hair passes his eyes heading to the airplane.