Steve enters his room and invites Ben.

"You have a lovely mother", said Ben.

"Thank you", said Steve, then lay on his bed.

"You have two beds?" Ben questioned.

"Darrel would always come over, plus it was my brother's, but he went to college", said Steve.

"You actually want to go to sleep, Mr. magic keeper?" asked Ben.

"You said you wanted to be with me, so you wouldn't do anything to make me mad", Steve figured out.

Ben sits on Steve's bed, puts his arms beside Steve, with his red eyes, and says "True, but I can't help myself".

"Just one kiss", said Steve, trying not to look at Ben. "Would it make a difference?"

"Some vampires become better if they accept love", said Ben.

Steve gets up, Ben pulls him in for a kiss, when they hear a knock on the window.

Ben opens the window, the purple light comes in the room.

"Steve the magic keeper, the magic council requests you and Ben the vampire at Park Fairy", said the voice from the purple light.

The purple light leaves out of the window.

"So much for fun for a kiss", said Steve.

Ben stills pulls Steve for a kiss and he puts his tongue in.

"Whoa!" gasped Steve.

Ben takes Steve out the window, then closes it.

At the park, they see three people in cloaks.

"Steve the magic keeper and Ben the vampire, we have requested you two here because you two are holding important information", said one of the people.

"What info?" asked Steve.

Ben holds out his arms over Steve, and says "Stand back, Steve".

Ben flies towards them and was holding out his claws, but one of the people shows yellow eyes, and says "Turn Steve into a vampire".

Ben turns to Steve with his red eyes.

"Ben", said Steve, backing up.

Ben starts to hypnotize Steve and puns him down.

At that moment, a blur comes and takes the three people down.

Ben snaps out of his trance, and says "Oh, Steve".

Steve turns back to normal.

"What just happened?" asked Steve.

Another blue cones and takes Steve away.

"Clever kid", Ben smiles.

Steve is on a motorcycle that Luke is riding.

Luke shows his new fangs.

"Darrel did it, didn't he?" asked Steve.

"He was so hungry, and I couldn't say no to him", said Luke.

Ben puns three people down, and says "Hunting is is a bad idea, tell your boss".

Ben throws the three guys away, after he had drained them.

Darrel gets Jake untied, Jake flies out of the hole.

"Thank you", said Jake.

"No problem", said Darrel.

"That's my boy", said Luke.

"Let's go", said Steve.

Luke drives off.

Darrel, Ben, and Jake flies away.

They landed at Darrel's house.

"Tonight, is not our night", said Jake.

"Says you, I got my wish", said Ben.

"Steve, you didn't? Did you?" asked Darrel, excited.

"I didn't think you were that kind of guy", said Luke.

"I'm not… I just couldn't say no", said Steve.

"Yup, you're definitely one of those guys", said Luke.

"Ben!" complained Jake, about to attack Ben.

"Jake, wait! Let's just rest", said Steve.

Jake stops and says "Thank you, I was about to claw him out".

They rested in Darrel's house in separate rooms.

In the morning, Darrel, Steve, and Ben we're awake, Luke was driving off.

Jake finally wakes up.

"So, I learned vampires can't sleep", said Darrel.

"Steve, you didn't get bit, how come you woke up with us?" asked Darrel.

"I couldn't sleep", said Steve.

"So, Darrel, how's it feel?" asked Ben.

"It feels cold, but after a white it feels warm", said Darrel.

"I'm going to make some breakfast for me", said Steve.

"What about me?" asked Darrel.

"Don't you know vampires can't eat food?" Steve pointed out.

Darrel fell to the ground, and says "I think I died".

"Sorry, Darrel, I should've told you that", Steve apologized.

"It's alright, having powers are still awesome", said Darrel, face first on the floor.

Luke returns and says "Darrel, I'm back and brought some drinks".

Darrel smells the drinks, and says "You didn't get caught, did you?"

"Nope, I left as fast as I came", said Luke.

Luke and Darrel kisses.

Steve and Ben head outside.

"I'm sorry, I lost control last night", Ben apologized.

"It wasn't your fault, besides I...I…" said Steve.

"What?" asked Ben.

"Nothing, I'm just glad you didn't turn me into a vampire", said Steve, then tries to walk away.

But, Ben pushes him against a tree, and says "You know I can hear you heart beating".

"I was just thinking, how Darrel made this prediction of us being together", Steve answered.

"You still think that is silly or impossible, even though I kissed you and you seemed to like it", Ben smiles.

"You were just a good kisser for a vampire. How did you become a vampire?" Steve blushed.

"I don't remember, I woke up in an empty warehouse and all the sudden I had a taste for human blood", said Ben.

"You were with a gang", Steve figured out.

"You catch on fast, but that was two thousand years ago", said Ben.

"You're that old, I thought…" said Strve.

"You thought I was younger, I get that a lot", said Ben.

"Listen Ben, I know you are just messing with me, since you overheard me and Darrel's conversation, so you can stop. Besides, it's you like it", said Steve.

"At first, I thought of it as a game, but now I want to see how this goes", said Ben.

"But...Ben", Steve replies.

Ben kisses Steve before he could finish his sentence, then holds Steve tight.

"Ben...what are you?" asked Steve.

"Ssh!" replies Ben, as Steve blushes. "I hear that principal of yours".

"I smell fire", said Steve.

"Let's go", said Ben.

Ben takes Steve away.