A second later, everybody ends back in Kell's house.

Light Aina hugs Kell, and says "I was so worried, are you hurt?"

Kell shaked his head.

Light Aina, and says "The gem, how did you?"

Then, she realized .

"You didn't did you?" asked Light Aina. "The cave?"

"It will probably became something new, but when we left it was filled with ice spikes", answered Kaima.

"Oh well, it was bound to happen eventually", said Light Aina, shrugging in her shoulder.

At that moment, May, Harmony, and Dot fell on the ground.

Kaima goes to kids seeing their veins.

A bright white light comes from Kaima slowly healing, but the white light turns purple, blasts Kaima, and throw her out the door.

Kaima breaks the door.

Everybody runs out the to see how Kaima is.

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" called Myaleka and Myleka.

Kaima gasps and open her eyes .

Light Aina feels Kaima's heart, and says "Its ancient magic, the enemy of her powers".

"Knew...it", said Kaima, weakly.

"Don't talk or it will get worse", Light Aina tells Kaima.

"Even her healing powers won't work?" asked Myaleka and Ben.

"Nope", said Dave jr.

"Dad", said Kell.

"Kell, i'm glad your okay. But, I can't say the same for your friends",said Dave jr.

"I know a place we can go", said Ben, then picks up Kaima.

Dave Sr and Dave jr put Harmony, May, and Dot on their backs.

Dave Sr and Dave jr enter the portal first, then the others.

The portal takes them to Dr. Laima and Cat's house.

Myleka knocks on the door.

"Be careful with that acid beneath of yours or you'll be sent back to the underworld", said Dr. Liama, behind the door.

The door opens, Dr. Liama is wearing a midnight blue dress, goggles on her head, black gloves and black boots.

Dr. Liama sees everybody and leads Dave Sr, Dave jr, and Ben to her emergency room.

"Will mom and the others be okay?" asked Myleka, worried.

Dr. Liama looks at Myleka, and says "For your mom, she'll be fine, and your friends will be fine as well, since their human".

"Thanks, Dr. Liama", said Ben.

"Always", said Dr. Liama.

Cat gives everybody tea.

Cat has a pink dress, nails, blue headband, and has pink lipstick.

"Ben!" exclaimed Cat.

Ben hugs Cat.

"Sorry, we didn't get to say hi", Cat apologized.

"It's okay, we know you wanted to", said Ben.

"We really did, but we were caught in a long convention about 'the arts of science and mystical elements development'. I thought we would never be able to leave", Cat explains to Ben.

"Excuse me, but what was that noise earlier?" asked Comiclover23.

"Noise? Oh,that was a friend I brought from Diamond city", said Cat.

"Daphne! Daphne! Daphne!"

After calls out that name, a shadow figure appears like a blur in front of Cat.

The shadow figure takes the form of a boy with long black hair, soldier outfit, devil tail, antennas on his head, and is playing a violin.

"What's up?" asked Daphne.

"I excepted a girl",said Myaleka.

Daphne turns to Myaleka with an evil smile, turns into a shadow, and reappears by Myaleka.

"I thought a female name would be entertaining", said Daphne.

"What a dumb reason", said Jack.

Daphne look at Jack, and says "True, but it worked for other humans ".

"That must be why I'm not impressed", said Jack.

Daphne observes Jack and smiles.

Jack ignores Daphne.

"Uh oh", whispered Cat, looking at Daphne, who has a devilish smile.

"I'm fine", said Jack, hearing Cat.

"He's so mature for such a young man", Daphne smirked

"How old are you?" asked Jack.

"Older than the Earth", said Daphne.

"It wouldn't work", said Jack.

"I can change any form plus what is age, but a number", said Daphne.

"You won't give up, will you?" asked Jack.

"Not unless you answer", said Daphne.

"Before I do, give a good reason why I should say yes", said Jack.

"I'm not as deadly as I seem plus you seem like my type",said Jack.

"Fine, on one condition", said Jack.

"That would be?" asked Daphne.

"No kissing, hugs maybe, but no kissing", Jack decided.

"Fine, you're a little young for that", Daphne agreed.

"So, you're leaving?" Cat asks Jack.

"I don't know, if my parents would agree to us living together", said Jack .

"Yeah, but could you consider, Dr. Liama isn't handling having a roommate, no offense Daphne", said Cat.

"I understand, after all this is a home for two", said Daphne. "What do you say, Jack?"

Jack sends his parents a text, and says "Well, see what they say".

"My, My, what a fast typer you are", Daphne smiled.

"Shut up!" Jack complained.

"Daphne, what do you know our world?" asked Myleka.

"I know of your mother, father, friends, their family and beyond; I know every timeline you mutant and humans have experienced",

Daphne proclaimed to Myleka.

Jack sees a text message on his phone, this makes Daphne get closer to Jack, and says "Well?"

"Fine, but you will have a separate room from me", said Jack.

"Daphne, why Jack?" asked Myaleka.

"He's like me", said Daphne .

Jack wraps his tail around Daphne, and says with anger "How am like you?"

"This attitude proves it, my sweet", said Daphne, with red eyes and evil smile. "You want to let me go".

Jack's tail let's go of Daphne, and says "You tick me off".

"Perfect", said Daphne.

Five minutes later, Kaima is out of the emergency room.

Kaima is with Ben.

May , Dot, and Harmony join the other kids for a hug.

"Thank you, Dr. Liama", said Kaima.

"No problem and stop causing me trouble", said Dr. Liama.

"No problem", Kaima winks.

The portal opens and everybody goes through.

At Light Aina's house .

"I'm glad, your healed", said Light Aina.

"You know Dr. Liam, always fix us right up", said Kaima.

"Are sure that woman is human?" asked Dave jr.

"As far as I know, yes", said Kaima.

"I'm sorry, I caused you so much trouble", said Kell.

Kaima hugs Kell, and says "No, need, we all agreed to come of own free will".

"Now, go ask out Myleka", Kaima whispered.

Kell walks up to Myleka, and says "My family is going on a vacation, you can join us if you like".

Myleka smiles, and says "I'd love to".

"Great", said Kell.

The kids talk to each other about adventures they want to take, after that Kaima takes home.