Rain lashed the windows as Nicolas Shiskin perched on the edge of his bed, reading a large book. The room was clean, in the sense that there weren't any dirty clothes on the ground, the oak desk in the corner wasn't covered in spare papers or pens, and the bed was neatly made, with the blue blanket pulled up and the pillows were well-organised. But the walls, which were white, were smudged with dirt and other inexplicable stains, as though they'd never been washed off. The only spaces that didn't look grimy were the places where Nico had hung up posters of his favourite films. Jurassic Park, the original Star Wars films, and one that featured a black-scaled, green-eyed, very catlike animated dragon.

Nico's shaggy brown hair was a bit messy, and damp from the storm outside. His shirt was soaked, and dripped little drops of water on his book's pages. If he noticed, he didn't do anything about it. His emerald eyes flicked across the words as he read. After a moment longer, he turned he attention to a small alarm clock with florescent blue numbers lighting the surface. They read 1:30 a.m. Oh, dangit. He had school the next day...

Quickly and quietly, he stuck a slip of paper into the book to serve as a bookmark, placed it on the bedside table, and flicked off the lights. The only noises were the pounding of rain and the occasional crash of thunder. Now and again a lightning bolt would briefly bathe the room in electric blue light, then the darkness would close in again.

A/N: Just a small bit as I get started on this story~ Let me know if you like it so far!