Jasper Summers was bored. Leaning back into his chair, his feet propped up on his desk, he allowed his mind to wander off as the maths professor droned on about something that Jasper didn't care about in the slightest. It wasn't that he already knew it- quite the opposite, in fact, but whoever added numbers to maths was ridiculous, and Jasper wished he could meet that individual and punch them in the face. He ran his hand through his honey-blonde hair and sighed quietly to himself. If his parents weren't so insistent on him getting a decent education, he probably would have skived off school every day. Even though he did like most of the people… and the teachers weren't half bad, either.

His light teal eyes, set behind his square glasses, fell upon two of his fellow students near the front row. They were next to each other, boy and girl, and every few minutes they'd discreetly pass a folded up piece of paper between them, write or draw something, re-fold it, and pass it back to the other. At least I'm not the only one not paying attention… Still, it was interesting, seeing as the boy, a short, brown-haired kid, was always attentive during school hours. At least, when Jasper happened to steal glances at him during classes they had together… he looked away quickly. He'd only really noticed him once or twice… maybe more, if he was being completely honest with himself. Not that he'd admit it to anyone else.

Jasper rested his head against the back of his chair and subconsciously twisted a few locks of hair between his fingers until it knotted. Damn.

After what felt like ages, the class finally ended. Jasper, not wasting a moment, leapt from his seat and rushed out the door. He was the first already out while the rest of his schoolmates were still collecting their things. At least the worst class of the day was over. Granted, his next class wasn't exactly wonderful, but it was certainly better. As more classes ended, and the halls filled with students again, Jasper found himself moving a bit faster. It wasn't the crowds he disliked, but the noise. He preferred the environment around him to be quiet most of the time. School wasn't ideal for that, but it did help that he liked everyone, and everyone liked him. For the most part, anyways.

A few people waved at him as he walked through the linoleum halls. He gave a few people a small smile back, but overall, Jasper continued on his way. He knew if he got to the history class a little bit earlier, he'd have a few moments of peace and quiet. No slamming lockers, loudly slamming textbooks on the ground, etc, etc. Yeah, he didn't like being alone, but it was better than sensory overload.

Jasper pushed on, until he reached the closed door of the history classroom, which he pulled open. Peace, quiet, and… oh, great.

He'd been anticipating a few minutes alone… but sitting in the back of the room, completely unbothered, was the same boy with brown hair from maths class. … how did he get here before me?!