Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

Are you aware

Of the cracks

In our country?

Dear Mr. President

Can you protect us

From our imminent downfall?

Dear Mr. President

What will you do

With the power

In your hands?

With the people

The hopes

The wishes

The dreams

Yours to grant.

Dear Mr. President

Can you give me back

My safety

Peace of mind



Dear Mr. President

How blind are you?

Do you know

That we are in

The 6th mass extinction

With one quarter

Of mammals alone


Dear Mr. President

Peace or war?

Why make weapons

When our oceans

Are crying dirty tears.

Do you know

That we could spend

489 million dollars yearly

And clean our oceans?

A great sum of money

But only .0006 of our




Dear Mr. President

Do you want to die?

Do you know death?

The bodies

Piling up

As coronavirus

Splits us apart.

Dear Mr. President

You are the leader

Of one of the most prominent countries.

Do you deserve this honor?

After all you've done?

Dear Mr. President

I am but a young girl.

I had my own hopes once.

My own dreams, my own wishes.

No glue can hold our broken country.

Time will not tell as too much time has already passed.

Dear Mr. President

This world is a mess of fractures.

Can you be our light?