The Echos And The Memories

Do you remember

The cold?

The dark?

The terror?

Can you see

Her tears

Matting her hair?

The bitemark

On her arm?

Do you know

If his eyes

Have ever brightened?

A death

Too soon.


In a dream.

Have you felt

The rotting feeling

In your stomach?

The tightness

In your chest?

The hopelessness

In your heart?

An experience

Shattering innocence

Like the bullet we all fear.

Has it stuck

On your conscious,

If you even have one,

The brokenness

In us

Because of you?

How far

Will you go?

You have taken me

To the edge and beyond

The feeling of falling off

A steep cliff.

Facing death in the eye

As well as you can

Around the tears.

How much time

Will pass

Before you strike again?

Will it be the time

Where I see

What happens

To those

Below the surface?

Do you enjoy it?

Is it some kind of sick joke?

That you have scared




Even just writing

Makes me look over my shoulder.

Your bullet

Didn't even hit

But already

It was too fast to dodge.

Have you relied

On a rock

Or a stone?

Not to rub

To bite.

Have you been pinched

An electric pain

Jolting you from the haze?

But simply

To remind you

That death

Is one step closer.

Have you felt

The physical pain

Your head against the jarring floor

Distracting you

From the bile


In your throat?

How much

Do I have to survive

To be secure?


Will I be able

To thrive

In peace?

The memories

Are fading

For those who don't know.

The lucky ones

Who don't know

What it feels like

To be hunted.

Your echo

Stays with us.

Your victims.

The sound of a broken choir

Is the anthem

Of the darkness

We hid in.

It will never leave my mind

The cold,

The dark,

The terror.

I hope you're proud

Of yourself.