Hello, my name is darkness

Hello, my name is darkness.

The start of all creation.


When time is running out.


Where ideas are made.

Spiraling around.

A million paths,

Bright lights

Flickering in the night.

A galaxy of thoughts

A whirlwind around me.

Snippets of stars

Dancing in the song of the universe.

To enter the darkness

Is to go into the unknown.

A leap of faith,


Crumpled in the cold, wet snow.

The sticky


White matter

Clinging to your limbs.

Pulling you back down.

But look.

See the thousands of travelers.

Huddled around a bonfire,

Climbing to the sky.

Singing in harmony.

Hand in hand.

They are the brave ones.

The ones who have walked the paths of pain,

Of misery,

Of hurt.

Of bleakness,

And depression.

The ones who embraced the darkness inside of us.

Their noble heads held high.

Their hearts,

Though torn,

Beating with the heavens.

We will all be in darkness someday.

Some are already there.

Chasing the light,

Racing on endless.

Their youthful bodies

Filled with shadows.


Yet peace.