A/N: This isn't based off a real relationship, just a series of thoughts. I say this because the other poem I wrote that night, Postcards, is heavily based on a relationship I had.


I was never really fond of poems that rhymed

You adored them, and that has to be a subtle sign that something isn't going to work out.


Never really was a fan of titled poems either

There's a sort of thing about them that fucks with my head

I'm a polyglot wannabe

and it always hurts to be so limited in your vocabulary

English flows from my fingertips, every other language directly from a failing brain

But I think the grand reason, the Big Bang of this tiny universe that is dedicated to my hatred of rhyming poems

Is that it's too routine

There's nowhere to go- a phrase I've uttered far too many times- and I hate that feeling

And you adore it,

to be trapped is to take the blame away

to be in a routine is to have the comfort and security of expectations

And I'm not saying that I found you to be a trap, but

I only wanted for routine when I did not have it

and I think that's the surest sign something isn't going to work out.