I started overthinking things.

Was I being too mean to Mateo?

Of course not, I could hear Nico's voice in my head, He did something dumb, now he's paying for it.

I couldn't help but buy Mateo a cup of coffee though. Two sugars, two creams and a bit of cinnamon on the top.

He would never order it when he was with his friends, but I knew he loved his cinnamon.

Whenever Nico picked us up from school back in the high school days, he would get us all our coffees. I still remembered his order.

I made my way to the front of the large classroom ready to hand in the essay.

"Raina Parker," Dr. Moore smiled as I handed her my - I mean our - essay, "And where is your partner?"

Dr. Moore was our Marketing professor. She was a short, middle aged black woman who always had her hair tied in a perfect bun. Her energy was contagious. She always made her lectures exciting and personal. I always wanted to do my very best in that class to impress her.

"Mateo's running a bit late," I explained, "Just helping me with some deliveries."

"Well that's nice of him," Dr. Moore smiled. Little does she know...

Dr. Moore had bought a couple of my cupcakes for her faculty meetings so she was very well aware of my small business.

A couple more students came down to hand in their essay but the professor asked me to stay for a bit.

"That reminds me," she said, "I might need an order of cupcakes for this Friday. Would it be too late to order from you?"

My eyes lit up at the opportunity. Dr. Moore was also a great tipper.

"What's the theme?" I asked.

"Ladybugs," she shrugged, "My niece has this obsession over this superhero who's a ladybug."

"Oh I know that show," I smiled, "It's really cute. I can do Friday, no problem."

"Thanks again, I'll be sure to e-transfer you the money," she smiled, "And email the address to you."

I agreed and felt my heart do a back flip. It felt great that a previous customer wanted to order from me again.

I turned around and noticed Mateo was back, but he was sitting with Carter Mason in the back.

Carter had his sunglasses on - hungover I guess. That wasn't the first time I saw Carter wearing his sunglasses indoors.

I continued to hold Mateo's coffee in my hand.

Why did I even bother getting him coffee? I thought to myself. Now I looked like an idiot with two cups in my hand. Mateo didn't look back at me. Carter and him were too busy with whatever conversation they had.

There was no way I was going to go up there and give him his coffee. Carter's comments were not worth it.

"Okay class," Dr. Moore began. The choice was already made for me.

I quickly made my way to my seat. After class it is, I thought to myself.

Dr. Moore must have been in a good mood because she finished her class 15 minutes early.

I stayed behind making sure I finished up my notes. I took my notes pretty seriously. I made sure that it was always colour coded and neatly written. I wanted to do well in this class especially since I looked up to Dr. Moore.

Most of the class made their way out of the room by the time I finished up my notes. As I started to pack up, a text message appeared on my phone screen.

"Hey, you mind meeting up with me outside the lecture hall? I have something to ask you."

The message was from Mateo. I guess he finally got his phone back.

Why don't you ask me here? I thought. He could have easily walked back to the lecture hall or stayed behind after class.

Maybe something happened with Ms. Gladys' cupcake order? I started to panic as I texted him back.

"Sure," I wrote back, "I'll meet you outside of the lecture hall."

I packed up my notebooks and made my way out of the room. I also took the extra cup of coffee with me. It was cold now, but he could warm it up if he wanted to.

I walked towards the entrance doors and looked around for Mateo.

"Hey Rainbow," a voice said from behind. It was definitely not Mateo's. There was only one person who called me Rainbow.

I turned around in regret to see the blonde hair, blue eyed guy with a pathetic smile on his face.

"What are you doing here Carter?"

"I thought you'd be happy to see me," he smiled, "You look great by the way."

Carter stood confidently in front of me, as if we didn't have any bad blood between us. His casual tone got on my nerves.

"Where's Mateo?" I asked. It didn't take me long to realize that it obviously wasn't Mateo texting me.

"Next class probably," Carter shrugged, "He rushed out so fast, he forgot to take his phone from me again."

Carter held out Mateo's phone in his hand and smiled.

"I'm sure it's against some law impersonating another person," I stated trying to walk past him.

"I'm sorry Rainbow," he said, changing his tone into something more innocent, "This was the only way I could get you to talk to me."

"If this is the only way, then maybe you should realize how much I don't want to talk to you."

"Ouch Raina, you know how to hurt a man's feelings you know?"

I wasn't going to play his games. He wanted my attention. I wasn't going to give it to him.

"I got to go," I said firmly trying to move around him.

"Do you mind giving this back to Maty for me?" he said holding up his phone, "I know you'll get it back to him safely."

I hesitated. I knew giving Mateo back his phone wasn't exactly doing a favour for Carter, but it still felt like I was. At least this way, I knew that Mateo would have his phone back.

I took the phone from Carter's hand and made my way out of the building.

Carter didn't say anything else to me. When I knew I was far away from him, I took a deep breath. I felt like there was something pressing on my chest making it hard to breathe. He shouldn't bother me like this anymore. We broke up like 6 months ago. I couldn't let him ruin my mood.

I came to this college for one reason - to be successful and start my cupcake business.

I wasn't going to let my ex, or anyone get in the way of that.