Of New Demons, Unexpected Starbucks Visits, and a Grievous Change in Armchair Kinematics


A word Simon despised from the metaphorical bottom of his heart.

He had of course long since been part of the sub species of Homo Sapiens that, once finding something new and unexpected, automatically classified said new phenomenon into a box of overflowing 'bad stuff.' He'd never even considered giving new phenomenon the, as they say, benefit of the doubt.

Until, of course, he met Axel, who coincidentally enough, was also the Demon Akseldilil.

This Demon was also, coincidentally enough, interested in pressurising Simon into buying him coffee.

Of course he was.


Axel was having a bad day. Messing up already messed up human lives was no longer fun.

Defying the Law of Lucifer, however, was.

Axel, or rather, if you swung the historic way, Akseldis, was not your average demon. He, unlike others, preferred to be called a human name, and was also pretty rad, as he liked to quote.

He also, unlike many of his demon comrades, had an unhealthy obsession with a specific human.

Simon Codelly. Age 25. Interiors Designer.

How very convenient.


Axel had a plan.

Sure, it involved quite a bit of fireplace-related theatrics, and over-exaggeration of his post in hell, but he was sure Simon could handle it.


"I, as a revered creature of hell and a part of Lucifer's Order Of Flames, command you, Simon the Human, to take me 'out' to the coffee-house called 'Starbucks'."

His name coming out of the mouth of a supposedly flagitious creature was, surprisingly enough, not the weirdest thing Simon had faced today.

Seeing a Demon blast out of his fireplace was ranked second on that very list.

And a Demon now perched comfortably on his armchair demanding Starbucks was the grand first.

"Sorry, what?" he replied, all the while also vaguely questioning his own sanity. The demon seemed to sigh, and pushing the aforementioned armchair off of its appointed axis (Simon internally cringed at this. All those hours of feng shui classes gone to waste, the blond mournfully thought), he said,

"Well, what do you say?"

Simon was now definitely questioning his sanity. Okay, he thought, let's straighten this out, there is an apparent Demon in my room, he's ruined my room design, and is now expecting an answer to his demand of me buying him coffee. He also is not portraying an utter desire to throw me into the dark pits of hell.

Simon also, like any other normal person would, highly doubted this wasn't a prank.


This human, however cute, was beginning to, as the phrase goes, 'annoy the heck out' of Axel. The demon had tried precisely twenty-eight times to explain to Simon that yes he was a demon, no this isn't a 'prank', yes he preferred to be called Axel, no he wasn't wearing 'awesome hover device shoes', this was actually him flying, and weirdest of all, no, you, being mortal, do not get the 'opportunity' to fry other beings alive.

After what felt like an aeon (Axel would know) of trying to convince Simon, the grey-eyed, blond menace finally seemed to be able to comprehend the situation taking place.

"So, umm, you're a Demon."

"Congratulations on your immensely grandiose phase of realization."

"And what exactly is it that you want from me?"

Axel paused for a second, thinking that maybe, just maybe confronting this human and in the process, breaking the Law of Lucifer wasn't such a good idea to get this human's attention after all.

"I, at the risk of re-explaining myself, commanded you, Simon the Human, to take me 'out' to the coffee-house called 'Starbucks'."

The pesky little human now possessed a pesky little smirk on his face. "And why, exactly, must I, Simon the Human, obey your oh-so-kindly re-explained commands?"


The Demon- Axel- glared at Simon for a moment, before flashing him a smirk and snapping his fingers.

And in a sudden, they were standing on the sidewalk beside a local Starbucks. Any remaining dubieties that Simon may have harboured over Axel's apparent 'Demon' nature were so forth thrown into the nearby trash can.

The dark-haired Hellspawn grinned at Simon. Simon did not smile back.

"Shall we?" the Demon questioned.

"Of course," Simon replied drily, "it's totally not like you zapped me here with your Demonic abilities. And I, clearly, am so-perfectly dressed for the occasion in a Pikachu night-suit."

"Oh well, darling, it sure is a good thing that you aren't a fashion designer, but an interiors one, isn't it?"

He looked so pleased with himself for getting the 'human-reference' right, that Simon didn't have the heart to reveal its rather high position on the grand-ultimate-lameness-scale to him.

They entered the scarcely populated coffee-shop (in the Starbuck's defence, it was almost midnight), and Axel now glided over to a 'table for two', and sat down, quite elegantly for a supposed dark creature from the pits of hell, Simon figured, and looked up expectantly at him.

"Oh right, the coffee," said Simon sheepishly he walked over to the counter, and ordered two of his regular drink (whole milk steamer, two shots of espresso, two shots of caramel syrup, three shots of toffee nut syrup and three shots of cinnamon dolce syrup equalled Butterbeer, which was Simon's way of keeping the Harry-Potter-Nerd in him alive), collected the drinks, and wanting to spend no more time under the barista's questioning gaze (Axel should at least have let in change into jeans), he walked back to his table.

One look at Axel's eagerly waiting face and Simon laughed out loud. He handed the Demon his drink and sat down, all the while, choking in laughter at the ultimate-look-of-Zen-concentration on the Demon's face as he consumed the sugary delight.

This situation was new.

It was unexpected.

It was a definite change.

But that didn't automatically have to classify it as bad.

Axel grinned at Simon. And this time, Simon grinned back.


Author's note!

This was my submission to a competition, that I shall not name, of course, for I do not want to get in grievous (get it? *wiggles eyebrows*) trouble.

I won the first position, though.

Just thought you ought to know.

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