A/N: This one is short. I decided to upload this first as I thought it was relevant as a first installment. I have already written ten other chapters over the past six months, which I will upload periodically if anyone at all decides to read my thoughts that I never intended to share.

Chapter 1 - Satisfaction

There is a part of me that finds satisfaction in knowing that in some tiny corner of the internet, my thoughts reside. Thoughts that, as the handle implies, I never intended to share. I have laid my soul bare. Anyone could happen across my thoughts, but I know they won't. For some reason, I love the idea that these thoughts exist for anyone to find and yet they are hidden by the sheer volume of nonsense that makes up the internet. They are quite literally hidden in plain sight. My thoughts are for me, and me alone, and now a record exists for me to sift back through and percolate.