It is one thing to realize that you need to get sober; it is completely another to know exactly how you should go about it. If you really want to manage the problem and achieve recovery, seeking the right treatment is extremely important. Along with that, the support of your family and friends also play the key role speeding up your recovery.

According to Phil Lovin who works in the field of addiction recovery and ministry, one of the major challenges faced by people on their road of recovery is managing their urges. While most of the urges last for no more than thirty minutes, it can be quite challenging to fight them off.

Phil Lovin suggests that in such situations, trying a substitute, such as a chewing gum, or telling yourself that you are stronger than this & it will pass can really help. Keeping yourself busy is another way you can distract yourself. Some people also find it helpful to keep a journal in which they write down all the things which bring them joy & things that they are grateful for. Going back & reading it during difficult times helps keep them motivated.

About Phil Lovin

Phil Lovin has worked with REAP NYC for the last 3 years as Chief Chaplin and Volunteer Coordinator. Talking about his educational background, Phil has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Psychology. He also has a doctorate degree in theology and in ministry (seminary). In addition to that, he has received special education in counseling as well.

He is quite passionate about helping others overcome addiction and put their lives back on track. In that order, he volunteers for a number of organizations in NYC that share the same vision. He loves to cook and go for hiking with his friends. Whenever he gets some time away from work, Phil prefers spending it exploring historical places.