I lifted my finger, about to strike the piano key when my dad stormed inside the room, muttering about losing his keys.

"Lily, have you seen my keys?" Dad asked me. I shook my head not looking at his face. He stood beside me, I could feel his eyes studying my face. His large hand gently touched my chin, making me look at him. "I miss her too." I nodded. "Is there anything you'd like to talk to me about?" I shook my head. "Are you sure?" He let go.

"I'm not sure about school. Do I have to go to public school?" I asked. This time, he shook his head.

"Lily, I can't handle homeschooling you anymore... You need to be safe-"

"How is public school safe, Dad?"

"Mom isn't here to stay with you, Lily." Dad boomed. I lowered my eyes to the carpet. "I'm sorry, L. I need you to get ready, please." I motioned with my hand to the already packed backpack beside me. "Oh. Let's go."

Was I ready to face my fears?