Let me go,
let me glow,
let me grow.

Let me try,
let me fly,
and if it comes to it,
let me die.

I'm sick and tired
of living a lie.

I know who I am, and
I'm not afraid of it anymore.

So why are you?

I wish you'd let go the chains,
but I know you'll never change.

Seventeen years, I've been
bleeding this refrain.

It's time for the song to change.

No more pretending
this is a dream.

There's so much more to see,
so much more to me.
I refuse to wear your shame
for not becoming who you wanted me to be.

So here I go, I glow, I grow.
So now I try, I fly,
and if it comes to it,
I die.

It's better
than living
a lie.