With proper training in CPR, you can make a difference for cardiac arrest victims worldwide. Becoming CPR-certified can make an immediate difference for a cardiac arrest victim and his or her family. Believe it or not, a cardiac emergency can happen to any person without notice. Knowledge is power, and becoming CPR-certified gives you the skills and know-how you need to save lives. And as a result, a CPR-certified individual can meet an important need, as he or she can help EMS, police and fire departments assist cardiac arrest victims.

The hard fact is that four out of five cardiac arrests occur at home. Not only that, many victims of sudden cardiac arrest appear healthy and may not have any known heart diseases or risk factors. Performing CPR promptly may save the life of someone you love.

With the knowledge of CPR skills, Alexandra DiCamillo helps reduce the loss of life in emergencies. Learning how to conduct this procedure enables you to supply oxygen to a cardiac arrest victim, increasing the chance that you'll be able to keep this individual's blood flowing and vital organs alive.

With his CPR training, Alexandra delivers long lasting results in communication of all sizes. She knows various CPR training programs that are available to make it easy for large group of people to learn CPR together. CPR training has led her to save someone's life before the emergency team arrives. It has allowed her to step up in the emergency situation.

Alexandra DiCamillo makes the best use of his ability to supply oxygen to a cardiac arrest victim. She actually increases the chances to keep individual's blood flowing and vital organs alive.

About Alexandra DiCamillo

Alexandra DiCamillo is well versed with various CPR techniques including rescue breathing, which provides oxygen for the lungs of the patient, and chest compression. She herself believes that CPR demands proper training and knowledge before it can be practiced by the individual.