1. Fallers

We said we'd ride the wreckage down

laughing the whole way up the stairs

at missing the last elevator

and falling in love in a nightmare.

Through flames and broken windows

we watched our future dive past in a blur;

your hand in mine, in a living hell

together, on top of the end of the world.

You slid your ring onto my finger

amid the bells and blasts;

you kissed me, you promised me forever

and pulled me with you through the glass.

2. Sweet Elizabeth

Home again, from the city of sound

our bed is empty and I retire alone

and this black knight between battles

must dream of his blood moon's glow.

Unable to sleep, I creep from our room

and ease open the door to your study

and like your favorite knife on our guest

the smile you unleash cuts through me.

Your laugh pierces the anguished screams

and it makes my tired knees weak;

tears fall, and jealousy rises within

when did you last laugh with me?

Mere hours of begging you for death

and you do just as she asked;

a perfect stranger, she knew your touch

and ran your evening bath.

Years I've spent, dancing with the enemy

pretending you were dancing along;

that their pleas to see their families

were your voice

calling me home.

3. Sopherl

From the moment they found you in my locket

we were never going to be safe;

you replaced it with your arms around my neck

and I could feel the blood run through your veins.

Pressed against my own, with the world between

your pulse and mine made plans

if they ever found a way to tear us apart

there would never be peace again.

When noble lines failed to divide us

they turned to pins and fragmentation;

the early echo exploded just behind us

turning all but one last grain of sand.

The future we fought for, to vapor

they told you to stay behind

"I will not leave him," you said

you took my hand, your place at my side.

He stepped from the corner, from nowhere

hand outstretched, holding something;

two flashes and two full stops

for our prologue to some other story.

I felt it rip through your body

and our time running out from my neck;

you cried "what has happened to you?"

then fell silent, blood-soaked and beautiful.

Once more I saw the world without you

I said "it is nothing" and fell.

4. Dazzling

The window is always open so the winds can stir the air;

june bugs create a paper blizzard through my hotel room

the lightning does not live here, I lost it long ago.

My coils sit silent, collecting dust is a hobby to pass the time

in alternating years, I crawl out of bed in the middle of the night

and directly to the empty park, to wait for the start of my prime.

She arrived with my reason for living and swore I would never be alone;

with her wings grey and white, she knew how to fly, and she has

left me

"I had only to wish and call her and she would come flying to me. As long as I had her, there was a purpose to my life."


With her blazing eyes, she knew how to lie, and she was

she left to go on living and I swear I can feel her happiness

in my chest, in my brain, in my throat, I can feel it killing me

and filling me to drain me, every hour of every day.

My nights are silent, losing everything and my mind

and you do not live here, I lost you long ago;

mayflowers grow and die and cover everything I see

the window is nailed shut and I will wait here for you.