Prompt: 10 Word Sentence Challenge.

Characters: My OCs Augustus and Jacqueline Baptiste, two Haitian-American siblings.


#1: Storytime.

"Look, Jackie, I'm happy that you want me to read you a chapter out of The Castle of Otranto," August told his ten year old sister as he scooted near the edge of his bed, "but it's hard for me to read said book when you're jumping on my bed—and can you please stop putting rainbow stickers all over yourself and the ceiling of my room?"

#2: Introduction.

When three days after her birth, Jackie came home in the hands of their mother and father, August, although only 2 and three months at the time, knew upon the first time he saw her that he would cherish her and never let anything harm her, and then he went to go play with his Fisher-Price Chatter Phone and go teeth on the living room table cloth.

#3: Halloween.

When August was eight and Jackie was six, August dressed up as Captain Hook and Jackie dressed as Tinkerbell on the last night of October, and you can bet on your soul that when it was the night of October 31st when Jackie was fourteen and August was sixteen and the two went to separate house-parties, August's costume was barely any less gothic and dark than his usual wardrobe while Jackie looked like she just got out of both a zombie apocalypse and a dance rave event.

#4: Brat.

All of August's friends who had younger siblings said that their younger brothers and sisters were annoying and insufferable, but August never thought of Jackie as an irritating pest, despite her very perky and vibrant nature and constant meddling in his early developing romance life—no, the eleven year old was happy with how energetic his nine year old sister was because, at times when August felt depressed and ready to just give up, he could always count on Jackie to brighten his day and make his frown go upside down, as cliche as it was.

#5: Tarot.

August looked down at "The Hanged Man" card his sister showed him that represented his possible future, and when the sixteen year old girl also presented to him the card known as "The Fool", the eighteen year old male decided that he would, in fact, not go accept Lord Crotenyonez's offer to do a quick job for him, especially since his last name was oddly similar to "Crotalus enyo", the scientific name for a venomous pit viper snake native to Mexico.

#6: Classic.

"Agnes-Marie? God, that's such an old-fashioned Haitian name and, yeah, I figured you'd go for something so gothic-like—as her amazing aunt, however, I'll make sure to save my adorable niece from future bullying and ridicule from classmates by having her nickname be Gigi; tomorrow, I will be taking said adorable niece with me to the mall so I can buy her, say, 10 outfits that are cute and feminine and not so damn gothic!"

#7: Onomatology.

August was named Augustus, despite being born in MAY, because August's maternal grandfather had died three weeks before Augustus was born and Rochelle (the siblings' mother) wanted to honor his name which was Augustin, while Jackie was named Jacqueline because Jacques was the middle name of Stanley (the siblings' father) and had Rochelle's father not die, Augustus would've been Jacques the IV, and not wanting the tradition to be dead and knowing that his wife and him would not have anymore children, Stanley decided that their second child would be either Jacques the IV if male or Jacqueline the I if female—needless to say, when the doctor said "It's a girl!" (this time, Rochelle and Stanley wanted the gender to be a surprise and thus did not ask the doctors about the sex during ultrasound meetings) out loud, Stanley wasted no time as he got a pen out and signed the birth certificate as well as write on the main line of the paper, "Jacqueline Celine Baptiste", and if you want to know the reasons for the siblings' middle names, Dieudonne and Celine, that's a story for another time.

#8: Wingwoman.

The second August saw his thirteen year old sister talking to his crush, the fifteen year old thought he was going to pass out, but when said crush then started a conversation with him and put her number in his phone, he decided that he would definitely get his sister the Coach purse she wanted for Christmas.

#9: Guilt.

"It's not your fault, August," August's twenty year old sister said to him as she wrapped her arms around him for a tight hug and he gripped the hospital bed that contained their comatose father, tears falling from August's watery eyes unto their father's stiff left arm, "it's really not—mom and I understood you had no play in what happened to him eleven years ago and we still do now, so please, please, stop blaming yourself; dad wouldn't want you to think you caused anything that happened to him that day."

#10: Vodou.

Jackie held the necklace in her hands, which had an illustrated picture of Mary holding Jesus on a golden emblem in the shape of a sun with many rays, and as she pointed it to the succubus in front of her and thus made a strong bubble shield surrounding August and herself, the seventeen year old prayed that her elder brother was able to get the spirit of death to control his body and save themselves from the pawns of Papa Valentin.