AN: When I uploaded this original work on A03, it was meant to be a oneshot, but I ended up making another 10 word sentences on the A03 post the next day so...


#1: Desperate.

When August's wife threw the bouquet at their wedding, no one was surprised when Jackie jumped in the air and fought two guests—since one was August and Jackie's cousin, no genuine apologies were needed, but for the other female guest that was a distant friend of August's wife, August and his wife had to give a dozen apologies—to try to grab the thing just for Jackie to end up falling face first on the grass and the bouquet to land in the hands of a woman that didn't try to grab the bundle of flowers at all.

#2: Cheerleader.

"Go Eastern Leopards!" Jackie screamed out with the rest of her team as she came down from doing a heel stretch and scorpion in the air; as instructed by the their mom, August took a video of the whole performance that was done during halftime of the finale football game of Jackie's school, both their mother and August proud that the seventeen year old made third in command on the cheer squad for her senior year.

#3: Effect.

"I'm not leaving here until I get that toy!" August, age ten, screamed at his father, and then his father decided to go get said toy August wanted in order to stop the boy from having a public meltdown—August waited 2 hours for his father to come back, with no clue that his father would end up in a coma or that for many years August would spiral down a path of self-hate and self-depreciation and guilt over how his moment of being a spoiled brat, in his view, led to his father being in a vegetative state and that, if not for the intervention of Jackie, August would've almost succeeded in committing suicide at the age of 17.

#4: Sunday.

August got down on the padded kneeler and entwined his hands together, and after the nine year old momentarily stopped what he was doing to tell Jackie to do the same before their father and mother noticed that she was playing on her Nintendo DS instead of paying attention to the mass.

#5: Beautiful.

When Jackie finished her final row of the natural cornrows she braided unto the hair of her three year old niece, she looked at her humongous stomach and thanked the lord that only one of the three unborn children inside her was female, because as much as she loved Agnes-Marie and as much as the toddler looked absolutely adorable with her new hairdo, doing her hair was exhausting and made her hands numb and too stiff when she finished.

#6: Pairs.

"Man," Jackie let out as she examined her fifteen year old brother's right earlobe, "I'd say that you would probably get in trouble with mom for getting any piercings on your ears, let alone two of them, but I think mom's gonna be more angry at the fact that you got a piercing on the bottom left side of your lips! "

#7: Word.

The first thing August ever said was 'dada'— the first thing Jackie ever said was 'Gussie'.

#8: Argument.

August and Jackie barely fought, but their biggest fight was when August was twelve and Jackie was ten and Jackie threatened to tell their mother that August was going to hang around with the suspicious neighbor who promised to give August money for their father's hospital bill if August spent a few nights with him—while August had yelled at his sister many sentences such as "Money doesn't grow on trees, Jackie, this money is the only way we can keep dad alive!" and "Go back to bed!", years later, when the neighbor was on the news on being charged with the molestation and rape of over a dozen boys, August at age 25 wasted no time in driving to his sister's apartment just to hug her and apologize and thank her for eavesdropping on his conversation on the phone with the man, and Jackie wasted no time in telling him that he has spent the last twelve years apologizing to her and that he needs to accept that she had long since forgiven him.

#9: Multiple.

As the thirty-year old confused his nephew Nigel for his other nephew, Niel, had to stop said three year old boys from fighting over a toy, and also had to stop his niece Nicole from eating a ladybug—Pika, he's pretty sure is the eating disorder Nicole might have, or perhaps she just confused the ladybug for the red candy he just gave her—August thanked the Lord that he only had one child, wondered how in the world Jackie was able to handle triplets, and put a mental note that the next time he babysits for his sister, he should have his wife by his side to help him.

#10: Embarrassment.

"Look, Jackie, I know when you were younger, you would call me Auggie or Gussie because you couldn't say Augustus," August said to his sister as his cheeks were flushed and his friends laughed right behind the two siblings, "but now that you're seven, can you at least try to say my actual nickname, August, or at the very least not call me Gussie when my friends are over?! "