She's My Collar

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

"Hey honey, I'm over here!" James called out from across the bar as a handsome man entered the room. He was quite pale with short, jet black hair that hung just above his eyes. He looked as if he had just come from a high end office job, his tie still pulled tight. As he walked over to James, he had a distraught, cold expression written all over his face. James on the other hand had a big smile on his, just as he always did when he got to spend time with his man. The man sat across from him, smiling faintly as he let out a small sigh.

"Rough day at work, Mark?" James inquired curiously, Mark shrugging his shoulders before placing his arms on the table.

"Same shit, different day…" Mark sighed, his eyes shying from James in response. James went to reach across the table for Mark's hands, but he pulled them away. James then tried again, almost making a game out of it until Mark removed them from the table.

"What's wrong honey? You're acting strange…" James asked, his words drenched with concern as Mark let out a heavy sigh. Mark the looked him dead in the eyes, a light scowl spread across his brow as he seemed to silently rehearse something to himself until he was ready.

"James I really hate to tell you this, but I could never lie to you. I...don't really love you anymore...honestly you've been more of a phase for me than anything," Mark said in a deathly low tone, James's heart sinking in his chest as it stopped beating.

"W-What do you mean? We've been together nearly a year…I've been living with you for 6 months!" James stuttered, his arms beginning to lightly tremble as Mark's whole aura turned bleak.

"Forget about me and move on. I know I'm your first love or whatever, but it isn't going to work, I even cheated on you with a girl in the office a few nights ago…I gathered up your belongings and put them in a box, I'll leave it outside for you, I'm sorry..." Mark replied bluntly, moving to his feet. Before James could form any words, Mark was out the door, leaving James a trembling mess. Tears began to trail down his cheeks as his eyes stared forward in shock, unable to process what just happened. After staring off for about five minutes, James got up and moved to the bar, ready to order a drink. But all that came out of his mouth when he opened it was choking gasps, his whole body shaking vigorously as tears began to blind his vision.

Suddenly, James heard someone plop down in the seat next to him, his teary eyes shifting to see a young lady, whose skin and hair was as dark as the night sky. Her hair was in a pixie cut, with bangs hanging just over one eye. She was draped in a leather jacket with a professional mini skirt clenching around a pair of thick thighs. His eyes turned away, his teeth clenching together as he tried with all his might to not burst into a crying fit.

"Could I get two cosmopolitans Harvey sweetie?" The woman's voice chimed, its tone soft and sweet. The bartender immediately got to work on the drinks, James flinching as her long, slender fingers began rubbing his back.

"What's wrong dear heart? You look like you're about to fall apart," the woman asked, James tensing up to desperately fight back against any more tears. He tried to pull away but the woman's arm crossed behind his back, her fingers grasping his shoulder firmly to keep him in place affectionately. The moment James tried to open his mouth, he lost it. He burrowed his face into his arm that rested upon the bar, beginning to cry and sob loudly like a scared, lost child. The woman pulled him close, rubbing her thumb against the back of his shoulder to try and console him as the two drinks were placed in front of them.

"Aw...poor, have a drink with me and we can talk about it," she offered, to which he eventually nodded in response. He finally got a good look at her when he cleared the tears out of her eyes. She had long, natural eyelashes that made her look like a model with white eyeshadow and lipstick that popped like fireworks against her dark ebony skin. He did his best to smile as he raised his glass, the girl smirking as she tapped it with her own.

He immediately began detailing his life with Mark; how he was foolish and moved in with him after two months, losing his virginity on their second date, and how he thought they were cute together. The woman found it amusing that he was such an open book, spewing his personal life like water from a faucet. Before he knew it, they were both working on a second drink, James beginning to show signs of a low alcohol tolerance.

"So I'm going to take a wild guess and say you were the bottom right?" She said with a giggle, James sticking his tongue out playfully with a idiotic chuckle.

"What can I say, I like my butt plugged," James laughed, the woman joining in as they tapped their glasses once again.

"For what it's worth honey, you're such a cutie that I'd love to plug your butt too," she said with a giggle, James smirking in response.

"Sorry but you're barking up the wrong tree," James laughed, a seductive grin curling on the woman's lips before gently grabbing his chin to turn his eyes to hers.

"Hun...with a blindfold you wouldn't be able to tell the difference," she replied, licking her lips playfully which caused him to genuinely blush, turning away to finish his second drink quietly.

"Do you usually try to seduce gay men? Because that's a pretty weird hobby," James said with a slur, the woman giggling in a deep tone as she gently scratched behind his head.

"Only if they're as bitch beautiful as you," she said, both of them bursting into laughter. James began moving his head into her hand, grinning.

"Oh man that feels good, do it more," James chuckled, the woman lovingly scratching harder into his thick head of hair, gazing in amusement.

"You know, if you've got nowhere else to go and you don't mind staying with a stranger you could crash at my place for a little while. I'd love your company," she asked, retreating her hand to her glass. James looked at her somewhat shocked, not by her offer though, but for another reason.

" don't have a special someone?! But your fucking beautiful, how is that possible?!" James slurred, the woman sighing softly as she took another sip of her drink.

"I'm not exactly...the best at commitments that's all. So, what do you say?" she said, her eyes sharp and serious as she finished her drink. James began to sway a little, using his hands to steady himself.

"Honestly it goes against my better judgement, but I'm not about to roam around town wasted, God knows what kinda trouble I'd get myself into. So yes, I think I will," James said, giving her a thumbs up. The woman looked excited as she clasped her hands together, a satisfied smile plastered on her face.

"I know it's a little late for introductions, but what's your name cutie pie? My name is Tricia," she asked with a grin, holding out her hand. James laughed and took it in his, giving it a limp worsted shake.

"That sounds suspiciously made up but OK! I'm James, glad to meet you," he replied. After paying the tab, Tricia led James out by his hand before grabbing his box of belongings and carrying it to the curb.

"Wow…you're REALLY tall…" James blurted out, noticing that Tricia was easily standing nearly half a foot over him. He looked down to find she wasn't even wearing heels, which made him blush in embarrassment.

"I get that a lot, most guys are intimidated by a six foot woman like me," Tricia said with a smirk leading him to where a beautiful, deep violet sports car was awaiting them. At a quick glance, James could tell it was European, but he hadn't ever seen a car like it before. All he saw was the word lotus engraved along the back of the car. She handed the box to James then opened his door for him. He underestimated how low it was to the ground, tumbling into his seat with his box sliding into the driver seat.

"Careful now," Tricia replied with a laugh, getting in and sliding his box over to him. He couldn't help but rest his face on the top of his box, everything that just occurred slapping him across the face like a bad reminder as Tricia started up the engine. Before he knew it, the engine quickly rev'd up, the force from the acceleration throwing them back into their seats as Tricia whipped around the dark, empty streets. He immediately grabbed a hold of the seat to brace himself fearfully as she drove. To his surprise the ride wasn't jerky at all, with every turn being as smooth as silk until they finally arrived at their destination.

"Your complex actually has an underground parking lot? You must be like, rich or something," James noted, Trixie laughing softly.

"I wouldn't say rich, but I do like having nice things. I'm honestly the poorest resident in the complex," Tricia replied, the gate opening so that they could drive in. It was a small lot with only 16 parking spots, all of them filled with fancy cars similar to hers. Finding her spot, she slowly eased in, sighing softly and sitting back in her seat as she killed the engine.

"Alright, ready for an elevator ride or do you need to let your stomach stabilize first?" Tricia teased, James quietly questioning why he got in a car with a complete stranger at the dead of night. Thinking on it, he knew it was best he wasn't alone, especially since he wasn't a stranger to self harm from depression.

"I'm alright, I think I'm ready," James replied, Tricia oopening his door for him so he could easily get out with his box. He was lucky he didn't have much, having sold off most of his belongings to help pay for things. Upon entering the elevator, he saw she hit the number 8 out of 16, the elevator quickly shooting up. He almost lost the box from his grip with the sudden acceleration upward, but Tricia helped him maintain his balance.

"Yeah sorry, this elevator is like, express status of speed," Tricia laughed, James quickly regaining his balance. As the elevator came to its stop and the door opened, James found himself in awe at the sight. Unlike Mark's above average sized apartment, he found himself stepping into a beautiful, modernized penthouse, the whole room being massive and open air without walls. Tricia yawned and stretched her arms up, tossing her leather jacket onto her full size, L shaped couch which was made of all white leather. It sat before a massive TV and a hand crafted glass coffee table.

"How can you even afford to live here?! You can't be much older than me and I'm 22!" James asked, Tricia giggling as a response as she turned to help him lay his box down.

"Aw! You're like a precious flower that needs protecting. You certainly know how to flatter a girl James, I'm actually 35. And the penthouse is paid in full thanks to my grandparents. It's my reward for taking care of them when the rest of my shitty family dumped them in a home. It pays to be nice and it pays A LOT," Tricia said with a grin, proceeding to give him a tour of the penthouse. There wasn't much to it for the most part, just a lot of space in between each section. He was still amazed at the furnishings and high tier of her electronics and appliances.

" am I sleeping? The couch?" James asked, but Tricia immediately shook her head defiantly.

"Nope! You're sleeping with me in my bed, I'll be damned if I let you rob me of a cuddle buddy. You're gay so I know you won't get touchy feely with me. It's either that or I throw you out, deal?" Tricia said with a seductive snicker, James scratching behind his head nervously before smiling.

"I guess it would be nice to have a cuddle buddy, I am going to be lonely for awhile while my heart recovers anyway," James said, yawning, his buzz finally starting to wear down a little bit. He watched as Tricia stripped down, her physique impressing him as he quickly took notice to not only her proportions, but the fine toning of her arms and stomach. She was still smooth as silk looking but he could see the firmness as she moved.

"You're certainly blessed Tricia, you're gorgeous and have a body that any straight man would kill for," James commented, Tricia smiling kindly as she beckoned him into the bedroom. To his surprise he found she had a Queen size bed instead of a King, her room open with minimal furnishings. He hawked subconsciously as he watched her strip down to her birthday suit, finding that it was enough to even make his heart skip a beat. She then smirked as she posed with a stretch.

"Alright, your turn," Tricia said with a perverse smirk, James freezing in place at the request.

"A-Are you serious…? I d-don't even really know you…" James stuttered, Tricia rolling her eyes at him as she crossed her arms.

"You're gay, what do you care? You know I'm not going to judge you, well, too hard," Tricia couldn't but to giggle at his embarrassment, causing him to take a deep breath then sigh heavily before stripping down. As he dropped his underwear, he caught her staring at his privates, analyzing it like a detective.

"Aw, it's little and cute like you are," she said with an honest smile, James putting on a grumpy expression before puffing out his cheek.

"I'm a bottom, so as far I'm concerned it's perfect," he replied with a chuckle, surprised with how comfortable he began to feel about the whole thing. Slowly Tricia crawled in getting nice and cozy before throwing back sheets and covers for him to enter.

"How's it feel to have an ebony beauty beckoning your cute white butt to bed?" Tricia said with a wink, James chuckling before crawling in.

"Kind of neat actually, I've never slept next other racial people besides white before, so yay for new experiences," he laughed softly crawling in up against her.

"Lights off," Tricia said, the lights slowly dimming into darkness, leaving them to take in each other's warmth. He felt a gentle kiss on his cheek followed by her cheek rubbing on his.

"Thanks for doing this for me, I wasn't really going to throw you out," she whispered, James sighing softly but smiling all the same.

"It's the least I can do for you putting a roof over my head," James whispered back, another soft kiss being planted on his cherk before the rustled to get comfortable. Turning on their sides, it wasn't long before James found Tricia's arms and legs constricting him, her legs wrapping around his with her arms clutching around him, as if protecting him from his fears. The pleasant feeling of her well endowed chest to his back felt warm and comfortable, allowing him to relax his muscles easily.

Although relaxed, James still found it challenging to sleep in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar home with a mysterious woman latched around him, but he didn't find any of it wrong, which was a pleasant surprise. Occasionally he'd find her gripping him tighter than before, trembling as if she were hurt. He felt tears run along the back of his neck, making him place his arms over hers to try and comfort her demons, whatever they may be. By the time the morning came, James woke up along, a note sitting on nightstand next to him. He moved it close to his face so his eyes could focus better on it.

"To my dearest James, Thanks for last night, hopefully you slept well with me crushing you. That was the best night's rest I've had in such a long time. Sorry I'm not here for you to wake up to but y'know, work takes priority. I don't expect you to get a job while living with me, and while you are the cute little gay baby you are, I will make you earn your keep. So below is a list of things I want done before I get home. If you get them all done, I'll give you a treat. My number is below if you need to contact me. Thanks again. -Tricia" it read. Reading down the list, he found himself chuckling a little bit as he had a thought or two.

"Am I going to be her butler now? Hehe, man, what have I gotten myself into," he chuckled once more to himself, stretching and yawning before pulling himself together to get his tasks done.