Day 24 - Post Meteor

I heard a squeak a few days ago. Turns out, the animal life has returned! Hooray. They look a bit odd, well, so do I. So who am I to judge? And by "odd," I mean weirdly cute.

A fluffle of bunnies have settled near here, and, yes, a fluffle is what you call a group of bunnies.

Life lesson number three! A group of bunnies is called a fluffle! Ah... that's not much of a life lesson. More like, just a... regular lesson? Fun fact? Hmm...

I see these bunnies from time to time. To them, I must smell weird or at least different and new because they come here regularly just to sniff me.

It reminds me of the pet dog I had as a kid. What was his name again? Trying to remember hurts my head. Head? The part of me that is thinking right now. I guess I still have a brain? I'm getting off-topic.

The bunnies are the animals that "look a bit odd," by the way. They are much smaller, kind of like hamsters but with larger ears. At first, I thought they were hamsters, but then one of them jumped like a frog on steroids. It scared me so much I almost moved. Ha, just kidding. They also have cotton ball tails. I'm pretty sure hamsters don't have those.

On the topic of weird-looking fauna, the bugs are back. Weird creatures. I'm pretty sure I hated bugs, but now that I can't really feel anything they areā€¦ interesting. Earthworms seem to be just the same as before. They live, they dig, they die. It's the bugs at night that catch my attention.

They look like small jellyfish floating in the air. From what I could tell, even the slightest bit of wind can push them. They glow a light blue and compliment the night sky beautifully. Are these what fireflies have turned into?

Why couldn't I have been turned into something more mobile? I've always dreamt of flying.