Prior to hurricane Sandy, Andrew Lesnak was a professional baseball player with the Minnesota Twins in 1982. He has regularly volunteered his time to teaching baseball to the children of limited financial means. Soon after the hurricane, his life fell into a state of constant turmoil, uncertainty, despair, and loss of wealth.

Hurricane Sandy brought along with it the flood of devastation that Andrew Lesnak has never experienced before. It destroyed every aspect of the lives of hurricane victims. He had to face many challenges to recover, be it financial, mental or emotional. He had decided to take on the challenges of recovery and fight to regain all that had been lost. Part of the recovery process was to help others who had suffered as he had, but who had lost their will power to move forward in a productive way.

Volunteerism as the counselor, Andrew Lesnak works to address the mental and physical health issues of the people affected by Sandy. The mental health therapy focuses on the effects of this disaster, which include general distress, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

Andrew offered his vision of hope to those in despair and started The Spero Advocacy Group which has now become a renowned force in the State of New Jersey, in the field of mental health and "life coaching" with motto While I Breathe, I Hope.

About Andrew Lesnak

Andrew Lesnak made use of his successful approaches, both personally and professionally, as a way to cope with rebuilding of his life. He has used volunteerism, in the field of mental health counseling, to be a great form of therapy for himself. Andrew is very "in tune "with how to help those with similar heartfelt conditions, from the Hurricane Sandy aftermath. He has become an advocate to those truly "lost souls", which now include speaking with the victims who have been diagnosed with suicidal tendencies and addictions.