New Year, new month, new life... Same bullshit. I'm trying to be nice. Really. I am. But it's so hard to be nice when all you're met is a concrete wall of bitchiness. Seriously, what is your problem? Get laid, bitch. Maybe having your boyfriend's dick up your cunt will dislodge the stick up your ass.

I get that you don't like me. Hell, you can't even look me in the eye. I get that you don't trust me, that you think I'm irresponsible and incompetent. It may have even reached the point where you no longer respect me, it definitely went past the point where you stopped considering me as a friend. And I'm okay with that, keeping things professional as colleagues if nothing else. Only, you're not being professional. Sometimes you"re rude and even blatantly question my competence while managing not to say the words outright. I get that you're more responsible than I'll ever be, and I know I'm absent-minded and I make a lot of mistakes. But your behavior towards me is bordering on antagonistic, so can we please just keep whatever personal business we have separate from our work?

I'm trying to keep things polite and easy-going, because I'm carefree like that. But if you want to hold a grudge, I won't stop you. I'm a happy person, I don't need your approval to keep me happy. Yeah, I have a lot of flaws and misgivings, but I do my best and I'm loved. Also, I'm too proud to admit I'm wrong, so... Stalemate, it is then.