A slow-moving canoe

Oared by the bone of a grand fish

Sailed by the one I never knew

If they were human, like me

The fireflies in the cobalt left us long ago

They saw when the creature of a fin was slain

To make through my trail towards the strait

And have left to arrive where else

As the hat of the sailor meets a breeze

I see the destroyed air balloon

In which I was flying high enough

To pass through the sun

But I had gotten close enough

The balloon caught in flames

And then I came down here

As the balloon came to the water

While the smoke grows behind us

I see again my closest friend

Trying to reach there before I could

And getting on in success

But the sun wanted no foreigner

My friend was rejected from the inner world of the sun

Came out charcoal black in burns

Masking with the background of space

I now look up to see when they come down

Whether water first, we will find them

Or canoe first, the sailor will meet them

But for now, I will head to the strait

I believe the luminescent mountains await us

We reach the peak and we see all

We see the beloved clouds lower than us

That wish they could take us

Take us back to the outside of the valley

We were getting used to the ones different from us

Adapting to how they live and how they are

There is no excitement from where the canoe lies

Their mountains are white with snow

Their vibe is bright like gold

Like the gold shillings surrounding me

As I lay by the deck

When the fish granted us gifts in return

After we relieved it of its stray anchor sustained blues

It rained and poured on us and onto the water around us

The sailor mined not a cent

But I believe my dear friend is happier, having landed out there

Not back to the people that cared for them

It is a new life and many more chances to come

Soon the burns will go away

And I will be off of the canoe and its red coat

And the clouds will be different

And the sailor sails back

And so will my displeasure of the ones around me

I hate it here but I do not want them to know

Or they will force their unwanted care on me

That is why we tried reaching the sun

I bet happier people are living there

But we failed

At least the canoe can carry anybody

The attention I have left goes to the arm of the sailor

Which holds to the bone of the fish

Their skin is dark, almost to the sky

They have scraps on them like the air balloon my friend had

The missing finger like my friend had

Must be a neighbor