"Midnight is very dangerous," they said. "He's a stallion," they said. "No one's been able to ride him since the accident," they said.

"He's a sweetheart," she said. "He's a good horse," she said. "I can ride him," she said.

"But you've never ridden a horse before," they said.

"Midnight and I have a special bond," she said.

"No," they said.

She vaulted onto Midnight's back easily, but was immediately bucked off. She broke her back landing, and Midnight nearly crushed her skull with his hooves before a trainer got into the ring.

It was a good thing they'd made her parents sign a contract, because she tried to sue them for child endangerment. They pointed out they'd told her not to.

Later, they posted the story on their website as a caution: Do not ride unsafe horses. Beginners should not be near stallions.

Does it drive anyone else crazy when the girl who's never been near a horse in her life is somehow the only one who can ride this wild stallion? No? Just me?

I know this is a touch dark, but it's honestly what I think could happen to those girls. I've been around horses my entire life. I am an effing great rider. I've ridden bareback and saddle, I've helped train horses, I've nearly gotten crushed by horses and come out laughing. And I've never even touched a stallion.

Stallions are dangerous and unpredictable. Yes, riding a stallion sounds super cool, but not so much when you consider that the reality would be a tiny, fragile human perched atop 1,000 lbs or more of muscle which turns into something impossible to control whenever a mare in heat is within a mile of him, and is much more opinionated than most horses. Plus, I imagine most barn managers wouldn't want stallions. Ours doesn't allow them. Ever wonder why there's only one in a herd? They're possessive. If you had a stallion at a barn, he'd make everyone's lives hard, not even counting that not everyone wants to breed their mares.

My grandmother/riding teacher got her leg broken by the second sweetest, third smallest pony I've ever known. When she was perfectly calm. At home in the field. Horses are effing dangerous. If you've never ridden a horse before, you should not be touching a horse without the instructor nearby IMO.

Not trying to dissuade anyone from riding. Riding is amazing! Just make sure you're being safe, and that includes listening to your instructor and doing absolutely nothing you see done in horse movies. If you absolutely must follow fictional advice, go with The Horse and His Boy or Misty of Chincoteague. C. S. Lewis and Marguerite Henry know what they're talking about! Most authors/movie producers (or whoever the flip is in charge) seem to know that horses are pretty and like apples, and that's about it.

And tf is up with always naming the poor stallion Ebony or Midnight or Spirit or w/e?

(...yes I am aware this a/n is longer than the story. this trope. if I had to pick one cliché to wipe from existence it would be this one.)