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Have you ever been in love? Like truly in love with someone?

I know how it feels and I love this feeling. I get to marry the love of my life on October Thirty-First. Yes, on Halloween, but we both liked that date, so we agreed on it.

I love Victor with all of my heart but part of me wants to stop the wedding from happening.

It's not that I don't want to marry him-I do. I really do. But I've been keeping a huge secret from him during our three-year relationship.

I've kept several secrets from him during our relationship. My name being one of them, he knows me as Angelina Carter, but my real name is Elizabeth Black.

I'm the daughter of Count Alexander Black and Countess Rosalie Black. My parents aren't monsters and neither am I. We are peaceful. We don't attack innocent people.

We are blood drinkers of course. But we don't bite humans. Instead we drink from blood bags.

I don't live with Victor, so he's never seen me drink blood. Don't think I don't want to live with him because I do. But the longer I go without moving in with him, the better. At least until I can find a way to sneak to drink blood without him seeing.

If he saw me, I can only imagine the look of horror he'd have. He'd hate me, I would hate me If I saw that.

He would think of me as a blood drinking freak. I can't lose him. So, I lie to him. It's not much better because the lies have added up.

He never suspects anything. He really trusts me and if he found out I've been lying to him ever since we met, he would feel so betrayed and heart broken. It's in his best interest to never find out the truth. If he never knows, he'll never feel the pain of betrayal.

I've never let him meet my parents. My parents do know I'm engaged to a human. My father wasn't the biggest fan of that, but my mother convinced him to allow it. Normally people couldn't get away with that but that's a benefit of being the Count's daughter.

Anytime Victor has wanted to meet my parents I always make up an excuse. They've worked so far and every time the guilt gets stronger. With every lie I tell, I can feel the guilt growing and getting stronger.

I do have my own apartment though. I let Victor come there many times but only after I've made sure that there's no blood bags in sight.

I hear a knock at my door and look through the peephole first. It's Victor, I open the door for him.

"Hey baby!" Victor greets me.

"Hi sweetheart!" I say.

I open the door wider and let him come in.

"I can't stay for long. I'm stuck working today. I just had something to tell you and I was on my way to work already. Plus, I wanted to see you In person." Victor says.

I smile and I probably just blushed because I feel my face heat up.

"What did you need to tell me?" I ask.

"I want you to meet my parents!" He exclaims.