It would be a beautiful day. I could feel it in my bones. The sun beamed through my window bringing warmth to my face. A good start to the beginning of my day. A smile spread on my face as I stretched out beneath my covers attempting but failing to reach each corner of the bed. I leapt to my feet. "Today is going to be a good day" I said to the universe. I took one step and my leg gave out. "What the-". My face quickly met the floor. I squeezed my eyes tight. It's ok. It's ok.

I kept repeating it in my head as I got up. It's ok I thought as I wrapped my hand after the flat iron burned my had. It's ok I thought as I the person in front of me closed the door in my face right as I reached the front door. It's ok I thought as I saw Rose be announced as the new vice chair, after being recognized for the project I "helped" her with. It's ok.

I sat outside for lunch that day. My sad sandwich in hand flopping with the wind. Its single piece of turkey and swiss looking unfulfilled. Could a sandwich be sad? I determined after giving mine a good look if it could there would be a picture of the one in my hand as a lead example. I took a bite. Huh, sad in appearance it might have been but delicious all the same.

I sighed my face turned towards the warmth of the sun. So beautiful. I felt it on my hand first. Drop. My face frowned. Drop. My body turned. "How-" Drop. Drop. You've got to be Drop. And the sky fell. The sun was still shining just the same. I forgot my raincoat, but of course I did. I tore into my sandwich. It was such a beautiful day.