Hello everyone, welcome to my story: Normallvile, the story follows four people and the misadventures they find themselves in; Before I start this story, I want to explain what the four main characters look like, and what their names are.

Tech: An anthropomorphic TV, has grey arms and legs with lines circling around them, has grey eyes and has two antennas facing the opposite direction of each other, he's also pretty short.

Slime: A green blob of slime, has a grey cap that has two antennas facing the opposite direction of each other, there is also a lightbulb in the middle of the cap that's in between the antennas, at last, he has green eyes, and can somehow talk...despite not having a mouth to speak with; Slime also has green arms but no legs, instead blobs around, leaving his green slime everywhere.

Ghost: A simple ghost; every color on her is white, and she has no legs, instead floats around, and she's also bald.

Dr. Jar: An anthropomorphic glass jar; His skin is made entirely up of glass of course, making him a bit fragile; He has a golden cap on top of him, and he wears a circular white lab coat that goes all around him, he also has brown pants and shoes, he usually wears circular glasses also, with grey eyes and also a grey mustache.

Now with the designs over with, we can now get to the story.

Chapter 1
The Headless Horseman (Part 1)

"...I see...And you think two think this Headless Horseman person is real?" Dr. Jar asked.

"Duh! Why wouldn't he? We live in a world full of talking and walking objects, animals and other weird stuff for crying out loud." Slime stated, "A guy with a pumpkin for a head wouldn't be too far off."

"Mmm hmm...You do realize that he's just a myth, right?.." Dr. Jar replied, "What makes you say that?.." Tech asked, "...Although..You probably are the smartest person in this place...Go ahead and explain.".

"Well, first off, there's no recorded sightings of this Headless Horseman guy, no pictures, videos, nothing! It's all just a bunch of lies made for kids to wet their diapers too." Dr. Jar replied, "I thought you'd be a bit smarter In the head than this, Tech..".

"I am...It's just...Well, you know Slime's my friend, I gotta be on his side no matter what." Tech replies, "With saying that, you might as well jump off a cliff with him then." Dr. Jar says, as he walks over to a counter and grabs a cup of coffee.

"Are you calling me dumb?!" Slime shot, "No! Not at all...It just seems like something you'd do for no reason." Dr. Jar replies, as he chugs the coffee down.

"Hmph...I see then...Come on, Tech! We're gonna go look for the Headless Horseman, to prove Dr. Jar wrong!" Slime exclaimed, as he grabbed Tech's arm and rushed to the door.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Tech exclaimed, "Going to find Headless Horseman of course, to prove to him that he's real!" Slime replied, as he turned the door knob to open the door out...Only for Ghost to interrupt.

"Where are you idiots going now?..." Ghost asked in an almost irritated tone, Slime sighs, once again having to explain; "To prove to Dr. Jar that the Headless Horseman is real!" Slime explains.

"Really?...How so?"

"Well...Usually, he's around Halloween time...and what month is it? October! Therefore meaning, he could be around here somewhere in this town.".

"That's...ridiculous...and really stupid." Ghost replied, "What do you have to say about this, Tech?".

Tech lets go from Slime's hand; "Well...I think It might be possible, it's not that far fetched..." Tech replied, "Besides, like Slime said, we live in a world where objects and animals and other strange stuff can talk and walk, so Headless Horseman isn't that far fetched.".

Ghost sighed in slight irritation, "Okay...I'm not even going to try and reason with you two again." She said as she floated away.

Slime grabbed Tech's arm once again; "Off we go, to find the evil Headless Horseman!" Slime shouted as he raised one finger up in the air; and the two left.

The two walked around Normalville, trying to find the rumored 'Headless Horseman'.

"Okay...So...Where is he again?" Slime asked Tech.

"W-What do you mean where is he? I thought you knew!"

"Nah, I forgot once we left the house."

"Seriously?...Okay, look, how about we just go ahead and walk back home? This whole thing seems a bit ridiculous."

"Nonsense yet again from somebody I know...Listen, just believe in me fully for once, will you?" Slime asked, making Tech sigh, "Okay..Look, where are we gonna find any tools to capture him with?" Tech asked, as Slime pointed near a city map.

Tech and Slime quickly rush to it, as Tech points at a shop named a store that's just called "The Shop For Traps And Other Super Deadly Stuff".

"There! That's the place we need to go to." Tech says.

The two walked in the shop, and saw the many capturing tools that they just needed.

"Hey! What do you two kids want?" A voice said, they look over and see the store clerk.

"We just need a few capturing tools is all.." Tech replied, "Capturing tools? Like what? A rope? Some spikes for em' to step on?".

"Yeah, actua-" Tech said before being interrupted by Slime.

"Nah! We need more than that! We need a sword and shield! For defense, of course; And last but not least, I need some spikes..Sharp, pointy spikes!".

"Spikes? Swords? Shields? We got em'!" The clerk said, as they duck down and get out exactly what they need.

Tech grabs the items, "Thanks, this is exactly what we ne-"

"That'll be 120,000$ dollars."

The two look at each other with surprised looks on their faces, "...Do you pay slime?" He said, taking a bit of his own slime off of him and throwing it on the counter.

The two get kicked out of the restaurant, landing on their bottoms at that.

"AND STAY OUT!" The clerk says, slamming the doors shut.

"Well, sheesh, she wasn't very nice." Slime said, as Tech gets back up.

"Okay...Maybe this wasn't the right place to go to...I mean, we're out in a forest people barely go to in this city, and not to mention, this is the only kind of shop with this kind of stuff." Tech states.

"Yeah...You're right...Maybe we should just give u-" Slime says, before he's interrupted by a nearby laugh.

"...Did you hear that?" Slime asked, "...No, I didn't hear anything, why?" Tech asked in an almost frightened manner.

The laugh gets louder and louder, as the area around them gets darker and darker.

"Uh...What's going on?" Tech asked, "I don't know!" Slime exclaimed, constantly taking quick breaths, "Maybe it's the Headless Horseman..".

"Okay...This time, I kind of 100% believe you." Tech says, as the two look around, seeing their area get more and more darker, with the two getting more and more frightened.

Then, the two hear footsteps behind them, freezing entirely, as they then feel somebody walking up closer and closer behind them, with the footsteps getting louder and louder...Until the steps stop.


The two scream in fear, almost sounding like little girls.

"Ahahaha! Oh, that trick still works? Jesus, I thought the people from this town would've grown up by now!" The man said.

"W-Who are you?" Tech asked, shaking in fear.

"Me? You don't know who I am? Kid, I'm the Headless Horseman! Y'know...?" Headless answers, "Dang, they really don't read me to kids like you anymore, don't they?".

Unlike Tech, Slime is shaking in joy, finally getting to meet Headless Horseman.

"Oh. My. God...It's actually him! Headless Horseman himself! Tell me all about you! Your birth, your real name, your children, your favorite food, blah blah blah blah blah...", he says as he gets out a notepad with a pen.

"Whoa, hey, weird green kid...Can you uh..Oh, i don't know, get off of my personal space? Jesus.." Headless says.

"Well...Can you at least tell us where we are, mister?" Slime asked.

"What does it look like? You're in my own personal pocket dimension.." Headless answered, "Here, I got a TV, some food, and no friends at all!...I mean, I got a horse...But that's about it.".

"Pocket dimension?! Wow...Okay then, that's a mind blow for today." Tech said, "Can you at least take us ho-".

"Nonsense, Tech! We need to learn more about this man! We already know that he has the ability to create a pocket dimension.." Slime says, writing it down in his notepad.

"Yep! And I can send people here whenever I want, too!" Headless states, as he points over to a skeleton.

"His name's James...He was a fox guy or something, and he just unfortunately came across me late at night...And so, I took him here and left him here for 50 years..Pretty cool, huh?" Headless said.

"How ya doin over there, James?!" He shouted...To now answer, as the flies came across the skeleton and buzzed around it.

"...Ah, he's fine...Anyways, you two might be my new guests to live here forever! So, what show do you wanna watch? Ooh, wait! What games do you wanna play? I got Legend of Zebra, Super Mouse Bros, Bridge Fighter, and a lot more!" Headless replied.

As Headless babbles on, the two look at each other terrified, and full of regret, "...How are we gonna get outta this one?" Slime asked, as Tech glared at him.

To be continued.

I put this as Part 1 instead of one giant chapter because I want to know how people think of this story so far, please leave a review in the...well, review section please, thanks.