"I will not marry the prince!" I yelled running out of my house and into the forest nearby.

"It is your duty to mary him as he chose you." My mom screamed.

"I don't care!" I yelled back

So after running I came to the place that calmed me down and there was a pond with a waterfall that I would often take a dip in. I would often keep clothing here so I wouldn't come home drenched and cause a ruckus as my mom thought it was improper of me to go swimming. So hiding behind a tree I switched clothes and I was wearing something more comfortable to swim in.

"Julia?" I heard, "It's Alex"

"Alex!" I yelled and hugged him.

Alex was one of my better friends, but since my family was part of the upper-class I was never allowed to speak and talk with him, as it is a law that the Lowers were not allowed to speak with the Upper class, and doing so ends in arrest. We met, as once he followed me out to this hideout and became good friends, to the point where we considered each other siblings.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Mother wants me to marry the prince, but I do not love him" I responded upset. "So this time I bought supplies and I will live in the Jungle.

"If you plan on doing that could my sister and I join you?"

"As long as you make sure no one follows you out here"

"Don't worry, we have some dark clothing, and will sneak out at night."

Later that night, Alex returned with his sister Jane. Alex told me that when Jane was an infant their mom disappeared into these words which brandished them as Lowers, as no one wanted kids of a "nature-dweller". So we had a hiding spot as the pool lead into an underground cave. When we heard voices we would take shelter there, since there was a small hole on top to let light in we would often take shelter there for the evening. So as the time when on, we lived off of plants and hunted and would make our fires in the cave to stay hidden though as those days when we cooked, we had to stay in the cave as the smoke would attract the village, and they would send troops looking for us, one to arrest Alex and Jane, and to force me into marriage with the prince. Though as time went on, they would come less and less assuming that we were just a tribe. Years eventually passed and eventually, we assumed that the village though we were dead, and moved on. Though as we became residents of the jungle, we began to hear voices calling out to us.

"Julia, did you hear those voices last night?" Jane asked me

"So I wasn't the only one hearing things" I jokingly said back.

"It was like it was beckoning us to follow," Alex said.

So one morning we gathered some supplies and headed out to find the source of the voices.

So we headed deeper and deeper into the jungles and doing so it felt more like we were at home, we didn't know that the jungle was changing us, all we noticed were plants that we knew to be poisonous, never effected us, so we knew that we would be safe if the village ever came looking for us again.

"Jane get down!" Alex yelled as we ducked and saw an arrow wiz over my head.

"Ow!" I screamed as it nicked my hand,

"Julia, your hand, the blood is green," Alex said

"Alex return your prisoner, and face your punishment!" We heard, followed by the voice of my mom calling for me to come home.

"Don't go any further, as these plants have thorns and are highly poisonous." We heard, "They probably knew these plants were here and prepared beforehand"

"Put these on, before we continue" We heard, after which we heard metal banging, and we assumed that they were putting protection from the plants.

Though we didn't have anything as time went on our feet surprisingly got tougher, and we got used to walking barefoot, knowing that poisonous plants wouldn't hurt us.

But as we ducked and laid on the jungle floor, we felt vines grow over us and pulled us into the ground to hid us.

"Julia please come home, if you come home now, we won't arrest your friends" My father called out. even though the plants hid us in the mud the plants made blades of glass that we were able to see the troops walking around, and they were unknowingly walking right over us.

"My princess I am waiting for your return," The prince said.

'you guys are one with the forest now, and can say things that travel on the wind, like when I first contacted you.'

"I will never return!" I yelled, startling everyone there, and myself, as it was weird hearing my voice travel, and hearing that they took off running. So when they left, we returned to the open world. Though my parents turned around and my mom in tears,

"Julia, if you come home now, we won't make you marry the prince, we miss you," My dad said.

"If you loved me, join us in the jungle, become one of us," I said as the voice pushed me to offer, as it said it could still feel the purity in their hearts.

"NO! You are not my daughter, my daughter must have died in the jungle." My mom said walking away with my father, though.

"Please Mother, I can show you that I am still your daughter, join us," I said, after saying that I saw my mother stop to pause for a minute.

"Then show yourself, for me to see," My mom said, so trusting her the plants raised me out of the mud, and I stood in front of her, looking dirty, which startled my mom, as she didn't expect that we were right under her.

"Though, having been here for a while, I assumed I've naturally absorbed poison into my skin, so don't touch me," I said,

"A while?" My mom said socked, "you have been gone for 7 years."

"Where are Alex and Jane?" Father asked, after he said that, they appeared out of the mud as well.

"We have been living together," Alex said

'do you wish to join your daughter?' a voice came over the wind

"I don't want to leave my other son" my mom responded,

'don't worry, We have full control of nature and can bring him here'

"Bring him here and we'll accept your offer," Father said.

A few minutes later, Mike appeared in front of us, coming out of the ground.

'We must accelerate the changes before you may continue'

We then saw a puff of what seemed like pores leave from the ground.

"What is happening to us?" Father said in a concerned voice.

'you are becoming one with the jungle if you wish you can safely hug your daughter'

Afterwhich we all hugged.

Though the following day we had to take shelter underground, as the guards returned.

"So Anthony and Susan, you joined the criminals in kidnapping my son's wife to be, return now, or we will keep your son locked up," The king said, this time he came out with the warriors.

"I guess word travels slow, as my brother is with us," I said, surprising the king.

"You're bluffing!" The king responded.

"With the power of nature on our side, nothing is impossible!" My mom said,

"Monsters!" the king responded, retreating with the rest of his army.

"Hopefully that is the last time we see them!" Jane said, causing the rest of us to laugh.

So we continued our walk towards the voice we heard, and we unknowingly knew the changes that were happening to our bodies as we progressed deeper into the jungle, we saw them as normal as they happened so slowly we got used to seeing the changes. It eventually got to the point where we were becoming plants ourselves, we were still humanoid, but our skin turned a shade of green, and our clothes turned to leaves, and our hair followed suit eventually. We were becoming one with the jungle. Upon what seemed like years of travel, we came across a castle and we felt compelled to enter it.

"Welcome, guardians." We heard as we saw a nymph walk out from one of the doors. unknowing to us, that the Nymph talking was Alex and Jane's once mother.

"You have changed a lot since I first made contact with you, but your transformation has yet to be finished." another nymph said. "you must allow us to remove your humanity as that makes you weak, and to be changed."

So accepting the change, we entered these giant flowers, and they filled with a weird liquid. Upon soaking in it I felt my memories of my life in the village slip away, I also felt the names of Alex and Jane slip away only to be replaced by two new names, Xania, and Xechil, and I also forgot my old name as a new name replaced it, Xevia, and hatred towards humanity began to grow as well, and a desire for nature to flourish on the planet, though I felt that humans could live as long as they respected nature. Upon leaving the pods I smiled and hugged Xechil and Xania, though even after the transformation ended I had vague memories of a girl named Julia, running away, though I always wondered why I had these memories, as I have always been a jungle nymph. Xania and Xechil also ran and hugged the nymph that was talking to us upon realizing who it was. and I ran and hugged my parents and bother Xendor. Though after that day all of these weird memories of false lives we lived faded from our minds, never to return again.

"Welcome, to the family Xania, Xechil, Xevia, Xandor, Xavaria, Xendor," Xechil's mom said to us, and we kneeled in front of her, accepting a place among the Nymphs and fairies.

"Family, there is a village that is chopping down trees and respecting nature, and they must be destroyed!" A nymph said, so alongside our family, we joined them in an attack against a village, whose Prince was still waiting for his 'wife to be' to return. Even though this village was cruel to nature, we weren't cruel back, and the fate of the villagers was to become one with the jungle through becoming wild animals. Those that sought us were allowed to join our ranks, but those who fought us, their fates were to become animals, living and roaming free in the jungle.