You know you're screwed when your heartbeat is comforting

When you feel at ease when you're out in a storm with lightning

You're running out of oxygen

Tired of being a body hosting multiple persons.

When voices mean different things

Even when they are saying the same shit.

Despair, when you get up only to be chained to the ground.

Sadness, when you realise you can lift barely a pound

Frustration, they are of a different wavelength,

Anger, all they tell you to do is repent

Repent? Repent?

Are you sure I should repent?

Do you not remember a kinder me?

When I used to care and think for thee?

Boom. Arcs of lightning stray from the bolt.

Crashing onto the ground, as if in an act of revolt.

Is that what I'm doing?

Is that what will happen to my surroundings?

No, it is only collateral

Just the same as how in the grand scheme of things, people are merely pawns.

Fear the lightning god

For one day, I shall make all you do a naught.