Rainbow orbs with a dazzle of sparkling touch

A gift making the strongest will bent

Attraction as if it were charged

How could I possibly not relent?

"Coodle" with a slight pout.

You reach for a hug.

You fit as if it were meant to be

But we all know what fate lies a red key to an amber lock.

Tragedy and uncalled mourn

But it isn't our fault but fate's call

But we shouldn't busy ourselves with stupid fate

Yet, should the design match it isn't the end.

We could still be entwined as the bestest of friends

And here I am, we stand.

Because it's you, the moon pulls.

If you can't see, I'll see

If I can't stop, you'll stop.


No matter how many times you fall, calamity.

We'll defy all rules even gravity.

It doesn't matter how long you need or want.

I can wait beyond the end of the sun