An experienced financial services administrator and an aspiring novelist, Pieter Stalenhoef has always enjoyed writing outside of work. While he is currently working on two books, he has reached the conclusion that writer's block is nothing more than an excuse. In his opinion, it is the writers who have failed to undertake proper planning or those who are engaged in work that lacks clear structure usually suffer. The fact that they have little idea about how to proceed with their writing adds to the blockade. He has also observed so many writers experience writer's block when they do not give their ideas enough time to germinate before they try to commit them to paper.

Pieter Stalenhoef has been working in the financial industry in Boston for more than 25 years now in different positions for several reputed companies. Other than writing, Mr. Stalenhoef is slightly inclined towards photography. He also enjoys cooking for his loved ones.

About Pieter Stalenhoef

Pieter Stalenhoef is an aspiring chef who is currently working for a longstanding financial investment firm in a responsible position. He has experience working as an equity analyst and can easily cover publicly traded companies in three sectors – media, consumer, and healthcare. He is a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Master of Investment Management from Boston University. He has been a member of the Boston Security Analysts Society for more than 18 years now. In addition to that, Pieter has also made an appearance on Barron's Magazine for his interviews about Femsa, a Mexican convenience store chain, and MBT, a Russian telecom company.