"This is ridiculous," Cellt growled under her breath.

Cellt watched as Yarrow carefully loaded the Fenrir into the side of a motorized bicycle. Newly renamed 'cycles' by Vey, much to Yarrow's charging. She heaved a box onto a support built onto the back of one of the cycles.

"Well I can't think of a better option for us," he said simply. "Leave it here and it might hunt us down once it's recovered, or take it with us and we might have a shot of making a life in Arkencade."

"It's a Fenrir Yarrow! Not some animal. We should have just left it in that room as soon as you dug it out." She was trying her best to keep her voice down. Vey was in the next room and she wasn't particularly keen on him overhearing them.

"Maybe, but we'd be digging our own graves," he said.

Her fury melted into confusion. She asked for him to explain but he just kept tying knots. Cellt moved closer to try seeing his face, but he was ignoring her. She waited for him to finish. With it the last of her frustration diminished.

"Why did you agree with Vey?" Cellt asked as he tied the last knot. He didn't answer her, instead, he retied the knot.

"Yarrow?" she repeated. "There's more to this isn't there?"

Yarrow sighed, crossed his arms and leaned against a cycle. They locked eyes, then she understood and a lump formed in her throat.

"How bad is it?" Her voice was barely a whisper. He shook his head.

"The sand must have shifted to cover up anything that was area was wiped clean as if nothing happened at all. "

She gulped as the reality of their predicament set in. "Even if we made it to Arkencade-"

"We'd starve before we could do anything," he confirmed.

When Vey bought up the idea of taking the Fenrir with them to Arkencade, she couldn't understand why Yarrow wasn't opposed to the idea. It went against everything they believed. She knew Vey had no spiritual obligations towards the Fenrir. His people believed only in what could be proven, and the world knew Fenrir where the greatest enigmas in existence.

But Yarrow's people saw them as tests of strength. Mighty guardians who protected the gates of the afterlife. To her people, they could be omens, reapers or guides. To both of them, Fenrir where creatures to be respected from afar. Meddling in their ways was taboo and yet here they where binding one with the intention of selling it! It made her sick to her stomach. But he was right, and she hated that.

"Don't worry about it too much. We'll be fine." He sent one of his signature grins. Then heaved the last of their supplies onto the cart. His movements were slow, full of effort and suddenly she felt bad for arguing with him. He was exhausted but was trying his best to keep going for their sake.

"You should get some sleep." whispered Cellt.

"Later. We can't waste any more time here. You know that." he replied softly. And once again, he was right. Her eyes gravitated towards the Fenrir in the cart, bound in old ripped curtains and rope. If they stayed something else would catch their scent. They had to keep moving. He gave her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, smiled and headed towards the door.

"I'm going to get Vey," he whispered into her ear and disappeared through the door leaving her with a bound Fenrir and her thoughts. Which should've been a lot more terrifying than it was if she was honest with herself. Vey was right. Fenrir where mysterious creatures. Not much was known about them and each culture had a different view on how they came to be. She took a deep breath. By the sun, how did she get herself into a situation like this?


They unsteadily took off in the general direction of Arkencade not long after that. Cellt tried not to think of the Fenrir and directed her attention to the world around them instead. The sky was clear and the wind had died down.

Back in the open air, all of them felt unsteady at first. Every dark shape or shifting sand dune made Cellt stare unsteadily at it. She wanted to take hold of her weapon. To be prepared, but at the speed they were going she had no choice but to hold on. Instead, her thoughts drifted towards Yarrow.

She was worried.

Sometime after they found the Fenrir, Yarrow had gone off to find some supplies. While she and Vey slept, he spent the night making a carriage with what was left of the useless cycle. By the next morning, they had a fully functioning transport for both the Fenrir and any supplies they could find. Now he was driving his cycle with his proud creation tugging behind, albeit slower than she and Vey.

Throughout all of this, Yarrow probably hadn't gotten more sleep in than the little he had before she had found the Fenrir. What would happen if he was attacked? She wondered. She didn't want to consider the possibilities.


Vey sat on his haunches starting directly into Fenrir's eyes. It had stopped thrashing after a few minutes. Now it glared furiously at the nearest human, who just happened to be Vey.

"Fascinating..." He murmured to himself. He didn't seem to notice the obvious hostility towards him. Fully awake, its head and neck extended far beyond the borders of the carriage.

Even with the Fenrir still bound, he was far from a safe distance. Normally Cellt would've felt the need to pay more attention to his safety, but at that moment she couldn't really bring herself to really care. She was still a bit ruffed about the whole situation. If he was getting himself killed after all of her efforts, she wouldn't stop him.

Yarrow was standing a little bit off the side, watching the scene with a mixture of exasperation and boredom. They had to stop suddenly when Yarrow noticed the Fenrir wake up. Its struggling was making the cycle unstable so until it was either asleep or calmer, they couldn't continue.

It wasn't much of a problem. looking out at the horizon, the sun was already setting. If they had continued any further now, they would've made only a little progress. Besides, she spared a look at Yarrow. He was barely staying upright on his feet. He was reaching the end of his rope.

Their eyes met. She said nothing. She didn't have to. He nodded and before long they had unpacked all their supplies. The material they had gathered at the house the previous night was running low, but it would hold for lighted a fire and set to preparing some kind of meal. The Fenrir watched all of this without so much of a peep. It had snarled at them once or twice. Then it seemed to have figured out their intentions and took to examining them instead.

It didn't quite fit in the carriage. Only its torso did. Without it being towed, the Fenrir's tail brushed the ground. Its head and neck reached far beyond the carriage's borders. Just a little further and it might have been able to reach Yarrow's back on the cycle if it tried, but the muzzle should be all they need to deal with that. The small space didn't seem to bother the Fenrir at all either. A little shuffling and it had made itself as comfortable as it ever would be. Its neck was long enough that it could tuck its head into a space at its side if it wanted to.

Which clearly it didn't. Even with them rested at the fire, it was still watching. And it spent the rest of the night watching them with cold eyes.