Marion was a painter's delight on almost any day of the week but on this particular Saturday she held a radiance none could capture with their brush. The blushing bride walked down the steps of her church in a satin, pale blue gown and a veil not long enough as the list of people who's hearts were broken that day.

Annalise's beaming smile crumpled as she noticed a figure standing away from the crowd, wearing a black over coat and dark grey breeches. The dirty blonde haired girl decided to accost the fool before he could create a ruckus. She would not allow him to ruin her cousin's most special day.

She marched up to him, yellow bouquet still in hand, and gave him a pointed glare as if daring him to do something hare brained. The dark haired man glared back with pursed lips contorted into a sneer.

"Are you happy, now!" He hissed as he crossed his arms.

"My cousin is happily wedded, why would I not be happy?" Annalise declared. She smoothed the train of her gown in hopes she wouldn't ruin it by her detour.

"You robbed me of my greatest delight in life. You don't deserve to be happy," The man pointed a finger at her and Annalise wondered when she had attained such powers.

"Mind your tongue Montgomery. Your acrimony is unwelcome on such a delightful day," The girl brushed the finger pointed at her face with a wave of the hand. She had no qualms in putting her childhood friend in place no matter how handsome his countenance, unlike her cousin.

"Bah," The man spat out. His slick raven hair were beginning to lose their hold after the long horse ride from his home in the capital. He rarely resided in their county which was named after his family.

"That's why I'm uncertain whether you loved her at all," Annalise wondered out aloud and for a moment there was such rage in his black eyes that she feared he would attack her. But he was a gentleman and violence was never his vice. His speciality was falling in love with women.

"That's what you told her, didn't you?" He growled.

"Believe what you must. I cannot change your mind," Annalise sighed. They had already had this conversation before and her former friend had rejected her words. She turned around with a swish of her gowns to rejoin the bridal party but her former friend grabbed her arm and pulled her close.

"I won't forget this, Annalise" He hissed in her ear. The girl shook her arm away from him and gave a stare dripping with loathing.

"Neither will I," Annalise declared and swore to herself they would never cross paths again.