Autumn Poem

Crimson, yellow, brown,

Falling leaves are swirling down.

The warm colors

Of pumpkin spice and turkey, fresh out of the oven.

A cold, crisp breeze,

But you're impenetrable.

As you wrap yourself

In a warm, thick blanket.

Steaming hot chocolate,

The heat radiating from it,

As you watch the gorgeous golden flames dance.

Come and sing with the seasons.

Autumn, the goddess of comfort.

Her long dress of wheat and barley

Swaying as she dances under the sun.

Her wavy auburn hair

Like a flame in the field.

Come, be in the Autumn.

Jump in the leaves,

Ride in the breeze,

Dance with the one of your dreams.

The warm colors, the soft scents.

The place where you belong.

Come rest, come sing,

Until Autumn turns Spring.