Just Keep A Brave Face

Just keep a brave face,

Even when you're falling apart.

Smile, everything is fine.

Even when your walls are crashing down beside you.

Keep a brave face,

Even if your heart feels like it's splitting in two.

Your heartache is small

Compared to all the other hurt in this world.

Nobody cares.

They don't need to be troubled with how you're hurting.

Stay positive, stay quiet.

You are the pinnacle of perfection.

You would never cry.

You scoff as a small tear stubbornly drips down your cheek.

Pretend like you're not holding back tears with everything you say.

Keep up the act,

Stay strong

Despite how broken you are.

You're just a troublesome pest,

Your voice is too soft to hear.

Remember that.

However much your world is falling apart, it's not as bad as it could be.

Your heart might be screaming for help,

But someone else's is too scared to whisper.

You are totally fine.

You don't need help,

You don't need to talk.

You need to stay quiet,

Stay perfect.

They'll laugh otherwise.

At all the stress and anxiety you hold back.

At how every day you just want to scream.

At how you can barely breathe,

Like you're 10 feet under the surface.

The freezing water dragging you down,

The whole world ignoring your desperate shouts,

You feel like you're about to die.

...though maybe that would be better.

Words cannot describe that choking,



Like clammy hands are wrapping around you.

Constricting your throat,

Digging into your brain,

Covering your eyes, nose, and mouth.

You're stuck in the water,

Seconds from drowning,

But still smile.

Even in the face of death.

Because they all must believe you're perfect,

Even if you're shattered into a million pieces.

It's time for a new day.

Pull-on your mask,

It's time to lie,

Time to deceive.

Do whatever you can,

To make them believe.

Just Keep A Brave Face.