Who We Are

You teach by what you say, more by what you do and most by who you are."

These wise words are undoubtedly true. Whenever we meet someone – in this exact moment – they change our lives.

Some changes are so minute that they pass by unnoticed but others are profound. Still, often we do not realize how monumental a small event is until time shows us. A chance meeting can become the basis for a life-changing relationship. We can meet a stranger and yet feel that we are connected. And before we know it this stranger has become so much more to us than we ever thought possible. They seem to understand us in a way nobody else does. They see our flaws and know our fears but accept us as we are. They do not seek to change us but are the biggest change agents because they believe in us, guide us and support us. We become better versions of ourselves because they inspire us as we experience their extraordinary effect on us and others. Their actions and their very existence become the guide posts that help us navigate our own life.

And as time passes and we develop and carve our path in society, we begin to realize just how special these people are. They are not only extraordinary in themselves but they have become part of who we are through who they have been for us. We find them in ourselves – in what we say, what we do and who we are.

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