"Icy? Icy? Please wake up. Wake please." Icy had been knocked out due to the chemical that had splashed all over her. She was in the hospital part in the pyramid with Eggie and Snowy watching over her. It was an hour after the incident. At last, Icy was coming too. "Wha.. What happened? Am I alive?" Snowy quickly went in to hug the ice cat. "Yes Icy. You are. We're so happy to see you." After about a minute, the hug broke away. "So I have good news and bad news. Good news: You're not blind from the accident. The bad news is that you do have some burns. I did put some cream on to heal them." "Thanks Eggie. Were there others?" "Yes but they're recovering just like you." Icy breathed in relief. Then another cat with a knight's armour came in. His name was Daniel. "Excuse my lady. I need to speak to you about what happened today. I believe I have some info that will determine who's to blame." "I'll come with you two. I hope you get better soon Icy." "Thank you Eggie." And then Icy was all alone…

The incident had spread like wildfire throughout the pyramid. With everyone having their own theories on who's to blame.

"Icy wasn't careful enough. I did warn her."

"But you had to check the boxes and the bottles if they were closed properly. You're really to blame." Clown snapped.

"Not my fault she's a slow and clunky cat."

"But you're a cat too. So what's the point of that insult?"

"Enough of this!" Another voice snapped, It was Goldie. "Blaming each other isn't going to slove anything. We just have to wait for what Snowy, Eggie and Daniel figure out from what happened. Until then, let's not jump to conclusions. Alright?" Clown nodded her head in response while Wheeler just rolled his eyes.

The next morning, Icy had woken up while still in the hospital bed. She had been staying overnight for observation. Icy hadn't gotten any sleep the night pior so she was pretty irritable. Not a good mood to be in when someone wants to visit you. That visitor was Pinky.

"Icy, are you ok?"

"Does it look like I'm ok? I'm stuck here waiting for whatever verdict on the accident and I didn't sleep at all! So why come in here to bother me? To grill me further?"

"I… I just wanted to see how you were doing. I'm sorry I interrupted you." Pinky mewed in sadness. She then made her way to the door before…

"Wait! Pinky! I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I'm just so tired and the accident and!" Pinky then went next to Icy. "It's fine Icy. I know you're still shaken up from the whole thing. But it's not your fault. At the end of the day though, it was just an accident. You had no idea about the floor being slippery. So don't blame yourself for this. And besides, everyone's going to be alright." Icy smiled. "Thanks Pinky. And thank you for visiting me." "You're welcome Icy."

Then the door opened again. Snowy had been talking with both Daniel and Eggie. She had news: "Icy, I happily inform you that what happened was not your fault. Wheeler should have checked the boxes and the bottles to make sure they were properly closed. I will be having a chat with him later. And I have even better news: you are able to leave here now as there are no further injuries.." "Oh thank you Snowy!" Icy mewed and she went off with Pinky. "I'm glad you're alright Icy." "And I'm glad that there are cats like you to help me through a dark day." Pinky smiled and the two went off to have some milk together.