I'll never forget the day I saw him, the most beautiful creature in all the forest; his hair black as the Raven's feathers, his eyes sharp as the piercing orbs of a hawk. He galloped wild and free as the wind, his hoofbeats like thunder against the ground. With a sharp flap of his magnificently feathered wings, he took off into the navy, star dust sky. I have yet to see him since, but the awe of his presence hovers around me like a cool mist on a dreary autumn day. With my eyes to the sky, I wait for the creature to return. My bare feet take many beatings from objects that lay in my path, but I stumble without care and never break gaze with the expansive universe above. He will return. I know he will.

When I close my eyes, I see him. I feel the brush of his silky mane against my dusty cheek. I hear the snorts from his flared nostrils as he bounds across the stars. Though I have run and chased to keep pace with the beast, I can never match his powerful gait. He is a being of legend and tale, a force as elusive as a shell caught in the powerful waves of the sea. He haunts my thoughts and urges my weary heart to beat once more like the thump thump of his heavy strides. He is living, breathing wonder and awe.

The moist grass soaks through the cloth of my clothes, but I worry about it not, for the only thought that prances through my mind is that of the winged creature. He holds the expanse of the whole universe in his dark eyes and covers the earth under the vastness of his feathers. He is protector and tormentor, the one to be longed after and wished away. For a being such as this, what can one do but keep chasing, knowing deep in the soul that the creature will find them…one day. What can one do but endure the torment of anticipation for the day that they might lay their hands upon the raven silk of his mane and feel the admiration that I now know.

Few have experienced the privilege of meeting the majestic being. Even less have known of the galaxies in his eyes. But I know. In all of my unworthiness, I have glimpsed the knowledge that he holds. I have been enchanted by the presence of such a powerful creature, and I hold dear to my heart the ache of his absence. He will return. I saw it in his eyes. He will return, and I will be here waiting. I long for the day when his encompassing warmth will reside in the forest once again. So, as the dew of the grass soaks through my clothes and chills my bones, I wait. I wait for that raven feathered force of myths and legends to storm through the forest and find me once again. Because he will return, and I will be here when he does.

Hey, guys. This is just a short little narrative that I typed up and thought I'd share. It is what I am beginning to call one of my Inspiration Train stories, similar to "Enough" where inspiration hits me and I just sit down and type out a short narrative in one sitting. Anyway, I hope you liked it! Please review and let me know what you thought! Did you like it, did you not like it? If so, what did you like/not like about it? Any and all feedback is always much appreciated. Thank you for reading!